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Ourei Harada Picture Gallery

Ourei (Orei) Harada is a 23-year-old former gravure/bikini idol who became famous and infamous because of how busty she was-she is to this date the only idol I know of who wasn’t natural-and it was obvious by looking at her. She had implants and, at her peak, was probably somewhere between a size 45-50. After retiring and unretiring a couple times from modeling she had her implants removed and downsized to about a 38. She retired from modeling in 2007. She is now part of the J-Pop/theater group SKE48, which she performs with under the name Eiko Maeda. She actually was my introduction to gravure/bikini idols, I became instantly attracted to her for her huge breasts, I didn’t know they weren’t real but that didn’t/doesn’t bother me. I don’t care if they’re real or not, I just like them big.

Currently there are 56 images in this gallery. They are hosted on my other blog.

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