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Azusa Yamamoto Picture Gallery

Azusa Yamamoto is a 28-year-old gravure/bikini idol who has been active for several years (I believe at least 5 years). Her modeling style is smilar to that of Harumi Nemoto-she doesn’t do porn or nudity and doesn’t do much PG-13 material, mostly does PG at worst. She has done a lot of cosplay in photoshoots and likely has done some photoshoots outside Japan (maybe even in the USA-at least one picture I’ve seen suggests Hawaii). She has done a couple modeling DVDs as well. She has a pretty face and a beautiful smile and is a nice example of how you don’t need to be falling out of tops or taking all your clothes off to be sexy. She appears to still be active as of February 2010.
Her official website (in Japanese) can be accessed via the following URL:

Currently there are 89 images in this gallery. The images are hosted on my other blog.

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