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Japanese Bikini Idol Gallery

This is a gallery where I show off my fanhood towards the popular Japanese “gravure idols”, also sometimes known as bikini idols. Basically, if you’ve ever seen swimsuit models, these are basically the same thing but on (at least in Japan) a bigger scale. Idols appear all over the place, including doing magazine shoots, photo books, DVDs, and many do other modeling on the side (including being among the ranks of the famed “race queens” as well as some who work as ring girls for boxing, K-1, and MMA events). The average idol’s career is only 1 year, but more popular idols can have much longer careers. Their ages widely vary, but the vast majority of idols are, as of early ’09, in their 20s, some as young as 18 or 19, the oldest I know of is 37 although some were models well into their 40s (in the idol world, 30+ is considered old-the oldest idol still known to be active today is currently 31-but she may not count now, she’s changed her name and is now an AV idol). I’ve heard on the young end they can be even younger, but any idols with pics in these galleries are at least 18.

A few other things idols do & don’t:
They do:
Swimsuit shoots, of course. Often bikinis, some do lingerie shoots as well.
Cosplay. Short for costume play, this popular trend involves dressing up in different costumes/outfits, often as nurses, cheerleaders, maids (this one is extremely popular), schoolgirls (all Japanese girls in grade school wear sailor-style outfits), anime/video game characters, etc. This type of photography has been and still is very popular.
Websites/blogs. Although they’re mainly in Japanese, many idols/models have their own blogs or websites. Be aware that most websites that have URLs like idolnamehere.com are NOT official websites (they’re usually fan sites or paysites). They almost always will end with .jp. I believe some idols even have official fan clubs.

They don’t do:
Porn/sex/explicit photos. AV idols do that, not bikini/gravure idols. They do nothing NC-17/X-rated. The most explicit you’ll usually see is shower/bath scenes, albeit in bikinis/swimwear.
Nudity. Some gravure idols did it in the past (but only a handful, and only topless shots-and these are older ones who did it years ago, today it’s much less common among gravure idols), but there are none of those pictures here. Most gravure/bikini idols today don’t even do it at all. See below.

If you want porn/nudity or are looking for AV idols then go to my other blog (which also has more bikini idols and images I can’t post here):
WARNING: FOR ADULTS ONLY. Not worksafe, not for anyone under 18.
PS-There is no anime (hentai or not) here or there. Sorry.

Recent Gallery Updates:
4/17/10-Added Nonami Takizawa Gallery (83 images).

Click on a thumbnail to view the full-size image (Scroll down for links to the other galleries, they can also be accessed on the right side of the blog under “Pages”):

Sora Aoi

Rin AokiRin Aoki

Yuma Asami
Ai Maeharaaimaehara01

Ai Maehara




Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Gallery 4

Gallery 5

Gallery 6

Gallery 7

Harumi Nemoto

Harumi Nemoto (2)

Harumi Nemoto (3)

Harumi Nemoto (4)

Harumi Nemoto (5)

Harumi Nemoto (6)

Rio Natsume

Rio Natsume (2)

Rio Natsume (3)

Miri Hanai

Miri Hanai (2)

Miri Hanai (3)

Miri Hanai (4)

Yoko Matsugane

Yoko Matsugane (2)

Yoko Matsugane (3)

Yoko Matsugane (4)

Yoko Matsugane (5)

Hitomi Kitamura

Anri Sugihara

Ourei Harada

Hana Haruna

Azusa Yamamoto

Nonami Takizawa

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