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Gone For A While…

Posted by representingpuroresu on 05/29/2010

Should’ve done this earlier, but I recently decided to take an indefinite hiatus from this site effective immediately. There are a number of reasons for this: I’m more focused on working on my other sites right now (Puroresu Representin’ and Japanese AV & Gravure Idols), I’m dealing with some ongoing family emergencies, I have other issues to deal with (unemployment is less than 3 months away among other things), and honestly I’m kinda burned out with regards to this blog. Just tired of doing it and can’t get around to keeping it going. I’ll leave everything up that’s already up (the galleries won’t be deleted but they won’t be updated, go to the idols blog if you want more) and will update the MMA Roll Call Of Champions as needed, but that’s it. Hopefully I’ll be back someday, but I can’t say when but the other sites aren’t going anywhere so go keep checking those out.

Until we (maybe) meet again…


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