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And Once Again All Is Right In The World…

Posted by representingpuroresu on 03/31/2010

Our favorite basket case, War Machine, is at it again. What TMZ said:

Several San Diego police swarmed in on former UFC bad boy War Machine last night and threw a spit bag on his head after cops say the dude assaulted someone with a deadly weapon.

TMZ has learned Machine — which is the fighter’s legal name — was arrested outside a bar called Thruster’s Lounge around 11 pm.

Law enforcement sources tell us Machine and another male were fighting with bouncers — and when cops tried to approach the situation, War Machine took off running.

Eventually, cops caught up with the 28-year-old, threw him in handcuffs, and for some reason, put a spit bag over his head … which is generally applied when the perp gets a little too aggressive with his oral fluids.

Machine was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon — though it’s unclear what the weapon is. He’s currently being held in a SD jail.

So let’s recap his last year or so: Gets kicked out of UFC, changes his legal name from Jon Koppenhaver to War Machine, lived every single lonely guy’s dream of becoming a porn star (admit it, guys), got arrested a couple times, swore he was going to settle down with his fiance and open a gym, get married, and change his ways…yeah, he said that long ago. Monday, to be specific. Then he gets arrested Tuesday. And I’m not even going near his slightly offensive Twitter post a couple weeks ago. Oh, and he’s supposed to have a fight in a little over 2 weeks…I keep telling anyone who will listen, he needs to fight Junie Browning! Even better, hold it in Big Japan Pro Wrestling and make it a Razor Board + @ No Rope Barbed Wire Flourescent Lighttubes Death Match. That’ll do the trick. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Yeah, I found this just the tiniest bit funny. As I typicall do with anything involving this guy or Browning. There, got it all out. My best guess as to all this? Apparently he thought he was at a New Jersey Nets game. Wearing a bag gets you a goody bag of Nets gear. And maybe, if you’re really lucky, lunch with the CEO. Bag lunch of course.


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