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Caprica: Episode 10 Recap & Review-Last One For Now

Posted by representingpuroresu on 03/29/2010

Yes, unfortunately this is the last episode of Caprica for a while. After a couple episodes Syfy made the now-stupid decision to break up the season into 2 parts, so now we’re Caprica-less for, give or take a few weeks, 6 months. It’s now on hiatus and won’t be back until probably the fall TV season. But in the meantime it’s time to see what’s going to happen and what questions are left for us to ponder until then. Click below for my recap of Episode 10-End Of Line. (PS-Apologies for no Episode 9 recap-iTunes decided to be finicky on letting me download the episode without incident-happens sometimes-and I couldn’t get it done and watch it until Wednesday)

At the start, we see a brief chase scene then flashback to 20 hours earlier in the lab, where the Cylon Zoe is being worked on. Then to the Pyramid stadium where Daniel is still comtemplating what to do now. He finally decides to give in and sell the team to Vergis. Then to a rainy alley where Clarice is clearly pissed at Barnabas over some STO stuff.
Back to the chase, where we learn this vehicle is being driven by what seems to be a Cylon prototype. Meanwhile, while watching news Amanda is still having flashbacks & other problems, so it’s time to call Clarice. She’s headed to Gemenon so Clarice says Amanda really should talk to Daniel about what’s going on. At an STO gathering, Barnabas has something to show Lacy-a wooden crate that is tagged to clear customs and appears big enough to get Zoe to Gemenon. The catch of course: They can’t get off Caprica for a week-and of course there’s a price. Lacy must complete a “small but important task” for Barnabas to demonstrate her loyalty to him. And it involves Clarice. Lacy agrees and she’s in.
15 hours earlier. Joseph has the holoband on and apparently isn’t responding to Sam talking to him, clearly Joseph is somehow out of it. To the virtual world where Zoe (as the virtual girl ‘Rachel”) & Pholomon are laying in a bed out in the middle of the water. Mostly talking scienes, a little kissing, but no frakking. Oh come on…at the school, Lacy sees Clarice walk by in a crowded hall and sets the plan into motion-find Clarice’s car keys and swap out the keychain for one with a tracking device. And without being noticed. Success. At the Graystone residence, Daniel gets a visit from a military-type woman and gives her the guided tour. Seems they’ve ordered 100,000 of his robots but of course Daniel’s only got one completed due to the ongoing work, and the military isn’t happy about potential delays. Deadline moved up from one month to one week.
Back to New Cap City. 10 hours earlier. The woman who’s been guiding Joseph has somehow tracked down Tamara. And of course she needs Tamara’s help to work with Joseph. At the lab, Daniel listens to a suggestion regarding development of the Cylon, but against deadlines Daniel has other ideas…one that will esentially wipe out the prototype of Zoe. And he gives the ultimatum: Do it or you’re fired. Back in the virtual world, Lacy tries to convince Zoe to wait a week for the plan to get her off Gemenon, but Zoe will have none of it. Now or never. They don’t get past arguing before Zoe de-reses and leaves for now. Back at the house, Amanda comes across a “Eros Day” (Oooooookay…) card from Daniel, which leads to a bit of needed opening-up between them. Including Amanda bringing up the dreaded topic of Vergis, who came by when Daniel was gone. This leads to Amanda giving Daniel The Look among other things. And it seems Daniel can’t outright deny that the story she heard was true, so that’s that. Back in New Cap City, Joseph enters a building he was told to go to that appears to be deserted. He soon comes face-to-face with Tamara, finally reunited with his daughter. Who doesn’t want him following her around here-she knows Joseph is killing himself with drugs and also doesn’t want Joseph spending his entire life watching her. Because that’s all he’ll ever do. She puts a gun to her chest and shoots, and once she’s down…BANG. She shoots Joseph and causes him to instantly de-res. Game Over. After Joseph comes back to life, we hear Tamara’s final words to her father: “I Love You, Dad.” (I had to pause here for  moment to catch myself and get my emotions under control) The woman who had been heling Joseph then takes off her holoband.  She’d been in the house with Joseph. At Daniel’s lab, Philomon goes ahead with the process of burning Zoe’s chip when…she speaks! And demands Philomon’s help to escape. Of course we see Zoe the human, he sees Zoe the Cylon and hears a robotic-sounding female voice. He agrees to help, so Zoe quickly explains what needs to be done. But Philomon quickly sets off an alarm and in the spur of the moment, Zoe essentially kills him. She them commandeers a Graystone Industries van and goes on the run.
Now we’ve aabout reached the scene we saw at the beginning of the episode. Daniel learns roadblocks are being setup to stop the runaway Zoe, and hopefully in one piece. But, according to the top brass in Graystone Industries, Daniel’s plan to get it back in one piece may not work. It would seem that perhaps Vergis has indeed won this round. At the STO hideout, we learn the exact details of Barnabas’ plan-that wasn’t just a tracker Lacy put on Clarice’s keychain. It was a bomb! Or as Barnabas says, “The key is the key, Lacy”. Linked to a cell phone number, dialing it sets off the bomb. Lacy then figures out that the STO-specifically Barnabas-wanted to kill Clarice and that Barnabas is essentially the leader of the STO. And to further the cliffhanger plot twists, Amanda makes her way to a high bridge and takes off her shoes, suggesting she’s about to do something very bad…
The van Zoe is driving appears to be approaching the roadblock setup, and the military jets overhead have been authorized to use force to stop the vehicle, just don’t harm Zoe. She reaches the roadblock and stops the van. Meanwhile, the STO tracks Clarice to a bridge at Caprican Bay and they give Lacy the phone to dial the number that will trigger the bomb. She doesn’t want to do it, but Barnabas puts the proverbial gun to her head. And her friend’s there. It seems to be her choice as to who dies today-her friend or Clarice. And at that very moment Clarice sees Amanda on the bridge…right as she steps off to fall into the water below. Back at the roadblock, Zoe decides it’s now or never and floors it. Lacy dials the number and we see the explosion…but what Barnabas doesn’t know is Clarice had gotten out of the car after seeing Amanda and thus was not killed in the blast. Zoe runs into the roadblock at high speed…the van goes airborne and crashes. Daniel takes a call on his phone, but we don’t hear what is said before he puts it down. The End…For Now.

WOW. Now I really hate that it’s on hiatus for 6 months, but if they were going to give us a cliffhanger to keep us guessing until then, they really succeeded. It’s too bad though because the show really hit it’s stride over the last 4-5 episodes and was really getting good, but now we have something to look forward to. It started out slowly but I stuck with it until this moment and my reward was one of the best episodes yet, if not the best. The second half of the season can’t come fast enough.

That’s it until the show returns this Fall. I’ll find another show to review until then, which probably will be the 11th season of The Ultimate Fighter, which starts Wednesday. I’ll try and have a recap of episode 1 up by Friday, depends on when I get the episode from iTunes (I’m getting a season pass this time).


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