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The Strasburg Watch: 3/24/10

Posted by representingpuroresu on 03/25/2010

A new feature I’ll be doing this baseball season, regularly tracking the hopefully fast track to fame-and the majors-of Washington’s future baseball savior, 2009 #1 overall draft pick Stephen Strasburg, as he begins his career in the Nationals system and hopefully works his way up to starting this season at Nationals Park and elsewhere.

3/24/10: 4th Spring Training Start, intrasquad minor league game:
The Line: 4 1/3 IP, H, 0 R, 3 BB, 9 K, 0-0, SAC, ND (Tie-game ended at 0-0, called when Strasburg left game)
The Highlights: Whiffed 9 and even got his first at-bat, a successful sacrifice bunt. The fastball had a little more, topping out at 98.
The Lowlights: Had control issues in the 5th, when 2 walks ended his day (pitch count). Only 46 of 79 pitches were strikes.
My Take: Despite some still-present control issues, he continues to justify the hype. The fastball creeped closer to 100 but he also showed some improvement in timing with pitches, and he knows how to fix the control issues. Still averaging about 2 K per inning, which is extremely impressive. As for the future, word is he could make a total of 25-30 starts between the minors & majors this season, with a rumored total innings cap of 158 all year that would mean an average of 5-6 IP per start with 11 starts in the minors, 15 in the majors. He could make one major league appearance before the season begins, rumors are he is being consiered to start a 4/3 exhibition game against Boston at Nationals Park, then likely will make his minor league debut for AA Harrisburg on 4/8. 4/3 could be a great glimpse of things to come in our couple months-our first real look at Our Savior. I’m very excited.
Next scheduled start: TBA. Probably 4/3 in a major league exhibition or 4/8 in the minor league opener.


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