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March Madness 2010 Bracket Update: Round 1

Posted by representingpuroresu on 03/20/2010

First up, if you read the post you were reading yesterday, and quite a few were…THAT WAS LAST YEAR’S BRACKET! New year, new bracket, now that I have some time here’s how it looks-even though I’m playing the Yahoo game as usual I’m also doing ESPN Tournament Challenge for the first time, that’s the one I refer to here:
Round 1 Results:
Games: 32 (not counting play-in)
Correct Picks: 24
Incorrect Picks: 8
Points: 240 out of 320
Ranking: 473,480
Percentile: 90.1%

Highlights & Lowlights of my picks so far:
Upset Special!: Cornell. They were my 12 over 5 pick and came through against Temple. Luck runs out next round, I think, but good win for them.
Oh Yeah: St. Mary’s, Washington, Georgia Tech. My other upset picks that all came through.
Whew: BYU. Wavered a lot between BYU & Florida and couldn’t remember who I picked until after the game. It was BYU.
Oops: Utah State & Montana. Utah State was my other 12 over 5 pick, thought they had a good chance on paper to take down Texas A&M and then Purdue. Not happening. Montana was my pre-tournament SHOCKER SPECIAL! They drew a pullable upset in #3 New Mexico and I had them reaching the Sweet 16 beating Washington too before those dreaded Dukies finished them off. Close but not quite, they lose by 5 to New Mexico.
Mulligan!: Vanderbilt. Gave some thought to picking Murray State pulling the upset. Not enough thought. Nice win.
Ouch: Notre Dame. Figured with Luke Harangody back they’d have an easier time against Old Dominion. Nice win for the semi-locals but it cost me half my Sweet 16 in the South (Montana).
Busted: Georgetown. Disappointing/disgusting/despicable on so many levels. Ohio should’ve been a walkover game, not walked over! So much for them beating Tennessee before losing to Ohio State.
Maalox Moments: Villanova-Robert Morris & West Va.-Morgan State. Villanova was in ulcer-inducing trouble until managing to hang on in overtime, they just couldn’t make shots. Even though they shot horribly, give Robert Morris the credit they deserve for nearly pulling a Hampion. On paper they lost. Mentally though, and emotionally, they won. Hopefully they held their heads high after this loss. Morgan State had the upset going through the first half, only problem was West Va. showed up at halftime and Morgan State left.

Celebrity Competitions: I’m participating in 3 celebrity groups against some of my favortie ESPN personalities. Here’s how I’m faring in each group:
Mike & Mike On ESPN Radio:
Mike Golic Score: 240, 90.1%
Mike Greenberg Score: 210, 37.7%
My rank: 11856. Tied with Golic, beating Greeny.

ESPN Around The Horn:
Jim Armstrong: 240, 90.1%
JA Adande: 240, 90.1%
Kevin Blackistone: 230, 77.9%
Jackie MacMullan: 230, 77.9%
Tony “Old Spice” Reali: 220, 59.8%
“Texas” Tim Cowlishaw: 220, 59.8%
Bill Plaschke: 210, 37.7%
Gene Wojo: 200, 20.6%
Woody Paige: 200, 20.6%
Jay Mariotti: 200, 20.6%
Michael Smith: 190. 9.5%
My rank: 7154. Tied with Armstrong & Adande, beating everyone else.

Michael “World Wide” Wilbon: 200, 20.6%
My rank: 5428. I’m ahead of my man World Wide Wilbon! I do find it a little funny that Wilbon stayed loyal to his Big 10 roots (he’s a Northwestern man) and picked THE Ohio State University to win it all. And for those wondering, apparently Mr. Tony (Kornheiser) didn’t do a bracket.

Round 2 update coming Monday.


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