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Caprica: Episode 8 Recap & Review

Posted by representingpuroresu on 03/13/2010

As the first half of the first season of Caprica draws to a close, business really picked up last week between secrets revealed, alledged thefts, personality changes and so much more. What happens this week? Time to find out-click below for my review of Caprica Episode 8-The Imperfections Of Memory.

This time we hit the ground running-literally. Actually, just a bad dream Amanda was having. Soon she visits the memorial on Caprica only to find that it’s being moved to Apollo Park, a permanent location for the memorial. Amanda is en fuego and eventually runs the movers off with the help of Clarice…then sees a man that looks like the person she saw in her dream. Amanda soon reveals she thought she saw her brother Darius, who’s dead. Back at Daniel’s lab, Zoe returns to the virtual world to meet with Lacy. She tells Lacy what Clarice did, but senses almost right away that Lacy is hiding something. Apparently she can’t tell Zoe that Barnabas initially said no to the plan, Lacy says she needs more time to get Zoe to Gemenon. At the restaurant where Tad’s working, he’s about to get in trouble before a mysterious man is spotted…except that man is Joseph. He demands Tad take him to the virtual world to see Tamara’s avatar and he needs help.
Joseph & Tad are now in the virtual world, Tad is explaining it to Joseph as he tries to figure it out. They’re in New Cap City now, Tad goes over the rules of the game for Joseph. One chance, you die and it’s game over-banned for life. And if Joseph dies, no Tamara. But before they can climb to the surface…boom and water rushes in…Joseph then gives us the line of the episode: “I really think you need a bigger gun”. Back in the real world, Amanda sees and hears a car crash and goes to investigate, but again sees the person from earlier at the memorial, the same as in the dream who she thinks is Darius. Chase time, at lease until a dead end. But a poster next to the fence causes another flashback. Back in New Cap City, Tad & Joseph finally reach the surface amid explosions, gunfire and the like. Joseph wants to try flying, but apparently it doesn’t work if you can’t do it in real life. Joseph is starting to figure it out after Tad tells him what can be done, and the most sage advice of all: “Just remember not to die”. Haha.
Clarice once again visits Amanda as part of the plan to keep working her over, this time bringing a bottle of ambrosia as a gift. Amanda tells Clarice about the visions of her brother she’s had multiple times. Amanda shows Clarice the poster she found earlier and reveals that she believes that’s where the accident that killed her brother happened, hence that last flashback and the emotional breakdown. Daniel then is at a Pyramid game when Vergis barges in unwelcomed. He claims there’s only one working MCP and that the one Daniel stole never worked…dud. Daniel’s PR guy notes their MCP works perfectly and seems confused. Lacy is talking to one of her friends, who reveals that Barnabas will only help Lacy if she is a member of STO…so Lacy says she’ll do it. Especially to be there with him. Typical. Back at Pyramid, Daniel keeps hearing that the only way to keep things together is to sell the team, which Daniel will not do. Back at the lab, Philomon goes back into the virtual world to take “Rachel” (Zoe) on a date…only his idea of a first date is a flight simulator experience gone bad. Colonial Vipers they’re not. In New Cap City, Tad gets killed and it’s over for him, meaning Joseph is now on his own in the game.
We then see that Rachel made a nice water landing but emerged unharmed. An interesting chat about making the virtual world more real ensues…sounds like “The Big Bang Theory”. Enough to get them to lip-locking before we cut to Daniel getting home to Amanda wathcing Pyramid. Daniel tries the ambrosia Amanda was given then wonders who gave it to them when Amanda mentioned “we”. She doesn’t tell him that it was Clarice. Back to the virtual lovers, still making not much sense as they talk, except Rachel now seems to be talking more about the Cylon that’s in development, sounding like the plan to get it out of the lab. So into it that Philomon doesn’t notice Daniel sneaking in until he plays a few notes on a piano. And Daniel says they’re going to start all over, but then Philomon starts talking like what he heard in the cirtual world. He suggests try going analog instead of digital. A sort of regenerative process.
Back at his house, Joseph returns to the virtual world. He’s looking for Tamara, but he doesn’t know he’s being followed. After trying to get into a locked building he’s caught and briefly held at knifepoint by a mysterious woman who claims she can guide Joseph to Tamara. But of course it will cost Joseph something.
Then we see that Amanda clearly has gone delusional between smoking something and spending time hanging out with Clarice. Amanda waxes more philosophical and reveals there was so much she didn’t say that she probably should’ve and now she’s being punished for it. Clarice tries to convince Amanda to essentially follow God and convert herself over to that way and trust him. But Amanda doesn’t know which God to trust. Back at the lab, Daniel is still working until his dog interrupts, and doesn’t even notice that the Cylon Zoe kicked the ball Daniel tossed to her for the dog to fetch. Seems this dog is smarter than Daniel, it can hear Zoe talking to it. Breathrough? And we’re out.

Well, maybe a small step back this week after a few steps forward, this one seemed to be more on the theoretical side until the end, where they teased some interesting developments in the Cylon making process, especially at the very end. Good cliffhanger to ponder for next week…2 to go until the midseason break, so hopefully the big thing happens before then. Overall, not quite what I hoped for after the last few weeks, but hopefully just a quick tap on the brakes.

Next week: Episode 9-Ghosts In The Machine.


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