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Caprica: Episode 7 Recap & Review

Posted by representingpuroresu on 03/07/2010

Sorry for this being a day late, I had the episode yesterday but not the time to watch it. Anyway, let’s see what happens this week. Click below for the recap of Episode 7-Know Thy Enemy.

Tauron City, Vergis Corporation. Someone’s broken into the M.C.P. Research area and made off with something valuable…oh, and left a dead body too. Fast forward to one month later where Daniel & Amanda are at some kind of party. All well until Daniel spots someone there who shouldn’t be there. He uses the old “money talks” line to expalin how he’s at an invite-only function. It’s apparently Tomas Vergis. Back at the Graystone home one of Daniel’s PR guys shows up, when discussing what happened Daniel thinks he’s trying to be blackmailed, since he didn’t do the break-in but hired Tauron mobsters to rob it. Hiring Taurons to rob Taurons. Doesn’t sound smart.
At the Adama household, Joseph has invested some money in a holoband and enters the vitrual world. He’s greeted by Daniel, or at least a virtual replica of him, and it shocks the holoband right off Joseph’s face. Turns out Joseph is in “Virtual Graystone Industries” with a virtual Daniel that essentially is a tour guide. And apparently can’t do what Joseph wants to. The real Daniel then shows up and interrupts. He thinks Joseph set him up. They start claiming each lied to the other until Willie peeks in and interrupts before being sent back on his way. The next morning, it appears STO is at it again-another holocafe bombing. They have a new tool alled a “sweat drive” which may allow them to create avatars of those who are gone, like Zoe’s avatar. But to do that for Zoe they have to hack into Daniel’s home computer. First they have to get in, so they start with Sister Clarice calling Amanda to try and sweet-talk her way in. Only she seems to be a couple days late, Amanda tells her the whole place was cleaned out. Daniel then is meeting with Vergis and perhaps the line of the episode from Daniel-“You come all the way here, you accuse me of theft, you accuse me of murder, for the god’s sake, and now we’re sitting here discussing…steaks.” Hmmm, medium or well-done? Daniel says he didn’t steal the chip and didn’t kill anyone, that’s it…but not so fast. Vergis says he wants to buy the Caprica City Buccaneers, Daniel’s Pyramid team. The offer: 300 million cubits. The real question is his motive, which all seems to come down to getting Daniel in the clear. Cash.
Back at the lab, Philomon-one of the tech geeks working on Zoe, checks himself out on Caprica V-Match, a Facebook-type dating site. No women interested in him. He’s been relegated to essentially hitting on a Cylon. Until Daniel interrupts and gives him the look. And instructions. “There’s no smoking in the lab, doctor. Put it out.” Now Clarice goes holoband for one of those confession-type things to talk with someone with a bad cyber-sounding voice. She says she needs more time for her plan then she can hand over what sounds like one of the Cylons. Later on she visits the Graystone residence and is greeted by Daniel’s butler/servant robot, which apparently she’s never seen one of before, fortunately Amanda then shows up. Clarice shows Amanda some books that belonged to Zoe that she had, her way of getting in. Then it’s time to start working Amanda over. When Amanda reveals the one area the investigators couldn’t go into-the Cylon research area-boom. Before too long Clarice sees the Cylon and gets close enough to he PC to install the drive to work while Amanda rants about the project. Success.
Lacy & friend now meet with Barnabas, who seems to be the key to getting Zoe to Gemenon. Lacy explains the plan, but no deal. Barnabas wants no part of it. He kicks Lacy out, then en fuego. Quite the argument ensues. Back at the lab, Zoe hacks into Philomon’s profile, then talks and sounds like Clarice…but someone’s coming, so quickly back like nothing happened. Daniel’s watching that talk show he was on recently, now Vergis is on. Vergis of course kisses up a little bit and makes some jokes at first, then it gets serious. He finishes by saying he’s going to become a citizen of Caprica.
Back at the lab, Philomon continues working on Zoe while demonstrating bad singing skills, but is interrupted by a message. Seems he has an interested woman-“Rachel”. Zoe can’t help but crack a smile upon hearing this. To the virtual world he goes. Seems this Rachel is a very clumsy girl-but she actually is…Zoe. With glasses. And really cute! (OK, I’m a sucker for girls with glasses) Seems Zoe was attracting a lot of perverted guys so she tried a few different disguises to keep them away. It did the exact opposite. Daniel is having flashbacks about the theft and killings-a flashback would seem to implicate Daniel as being the thief and murderer, as someone looking just like him is briefly seen. So he did do it?
At the Adama house, Joseph get ssome info about Tao, the kid who showed up last episode saying Tamara was alive. Daniel & Vergis then discuss deals more with regards to Daniel selling the Pyramid team-no deal. Daniel seems to be on to Vergis and his grand scheme-Vergis really wants to take the big contract from Daniel, while Daniel doesn’t want to give it up. Vergis reveals his dream is to tear up Daniel’s dream. He notes the 2 deaths Daniel was responsible for hit very close to home for Vergis. Vergis says he is Tauron, but Daniel continues to deny the killings. Vregis ups the offer to 500 million, then warns Daniel “I will find the next thing you love”. Eventually he claims he will destroy the company and go after other things close to Daniel until the debt is paid. The ball now seems to be in Daniel’s court and the stakes just got big-time raised and he has to decide what to do now. And we’re out.

Slowly but surely the blade is drawing closer to Daniel’s neck, it seems. His next move will be one I can’t wait to see. Elsewhere, I really liked how they developed Zoe a little more emotionally this episode, between that smile and the voice that sounded like Clarice, plus her sort of playing the joke on Philomon. And now that the STO has their hands on the date, what does it mean for any Cylons they might be able to develop or get their hands on? It keeps getting more interesting, let’s see what happens over these next 3 episodes but it was another good show.

Next week: Episode 8-The Imperfections Of Memory.


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