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Random Chiptune Of The Day #17

Posted by representingpuroresu on 03/05/2010

Richard Joseph, one of the greatest SID composers ever and a legend of the early days of the scene and C64 music, died 3 years ago yesterday, he was 53. Today’s selection is another of my favorites and one originally composed by Joseph, this is “Cauldron 2-I Am A Pumpkin Man” remixed by trauma:

In Memory Of Richard Joseph, 1953-2007.

You can download this song at RKO (Remix.Kwed.Org) by clicking on the link below:

This is one of 4 songs by trauma and one of over 2600 songs you can download for FREE at RKO, no registration required. There is one catch though: To keep bandwidth costs reasonable there is a limit of 50 downloads per IP per hour (a download is when you listen to a song even if you don’t save it to your PC). But unless you’re only listening to a few seconds of a song before going to another one, not really a problem.

(Disclaimer: Per their own disclaimer/fine print, all songs on RKO are assumed to be freely distributable. They generally are submitted by the composers/arrangers/remixers themselves)

And for those wondering, RKO currently has 20 remixes of pieces originally composed by Richard Joseph.


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