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Caprica: Episode 6 Recap & Review

Posted by representingpuroresu on 02/27/2010

The second half of the first season of “Caprica” begins now, and it seems things are starting to take shape. The terrorist plot is thickening, tensions between the Graystones & Adamas rise both internally and externally, and Zoe wants off Caprica. So what happens now? Let’s find out-click below for my recap & review of Episode 6-There Is Another Sky.

Interesting note in the “Previously On Caprica” part this time: William Adama is now being called Willie. Common.
Sam returns to the Adamas one morning to find Willie home on a school day and Joseph asleep on the couch. There are still issues between Sam & Joseph, apparently Sam doesnt’ think Joseph is being a good father. What, and Sam’s any better for Willie? Back to the virtual world, as Tamara needs to find a way out and runs into…Ah, the timeless classic gambling game-Russian Roulette. So long, unlucky sucka. Make that suckas…Tamara doesn’t obey an order and gets shot by the head woman, Vesta…only she didn’t re-res like she should have.
Seems there may have been a problem with Tamara’s holoband, didn’t shut off like it should’ve. Vesta may be able to help her, if Tamara plays a game. She plays, she’ll be helped. Back at the Adama house, Joseph gets a call from the principal at Willie’s school-seems Willie hasn’t been at school for several days. Seems he’s been hanging out with Uncle Sam and learning the tricks of the trade. It’s clear that Sam thinks Joseph is too little Tauran even though Joseph claims he’s Caprican. Back in the virtual world, Tamara is taken outside into Caprica. A virtual re-creation of Caprica where anything goes. Looks like something out of one of those black & white gangster-era flicks. Only with fighter jets out there, machine guns blazing. “Welcome To New Cap City”. Tamara notes the whole place is like a game. The object? It’s a mystery. The object is to take out the object. The catch? When you die, that’s it-game over, no resurrection. The target is a big shot who likes to hang out on the east side of the city. Chiron, the city’s best gamer. He’s the target, Tamara’s the bait-they win, she gets home. Game on. Chiron of course doesn’t know who Tamara is, but when she draws her gun to shoot Chiron one of his goons is a quicker draw and Tamara gets shot. Again. Perfect cover. Chiron gets shocked a little from behind by Vesta’s minion who’s working with Tamara and when he realizes what’s going on, they escape.
Mission accomplished. They got what basically was a device that allows them to essentically become dopplegangers, they can manipulate code to change their appearance to that of someone else. In the real world, Joseph takes Willie fishing to a place they haven’t been to in quite a while for an attempt at some father-son bonding. I know what that’s like. Meanwhile, at Graystone Industries, Daniel senses there’s an internal effort to oust him over the stock price plunge following everything that’s happened. Back at the stream, some locals are trying to stir up trouble, but Willie’s had enough. EN FUEGO. He hurls a rock at a taunting person then proceeds to a little ground-n-pound. So that’s where he gets it from. Back in the Graystone bed, Daniel confesses to Amanda that he could lose the company tomorrow. Naturally Amanda goes back in time to try and lift his spirits.
The next day at the Graystone Industries board meeting, they debate Daniel’s fate. But they’re interrupted by loud foosteps-Daniel. With a Cylon. Speech time-it’s time to abandon the hacked-to-death holoban dproject and move on to their future-the Cylon, which Daniel has dubbed “U-87”. Which we know and sometimes see as Zoe. Beyond AI, this is Artifical Sentience, Daniel says. He goes on to explain how it’s Zoe inside the machine without saying it’s Zoe. Daniel goes on to reveal some more possible uses for Cylons as machines who will be the prefect workers/slaves. To demonstrate, Daniel tells U-87/Zoe to rip it’s arm off. After a little coaxing, it does. And this is the game-changer according to Daniel. Back to the virtual New Cap City…Tamara & her minion partner are sneaking into the bank, the minion having assumed the form of Chiron. Lots of cops. “Chiron” sends them on their way so Tamara can sneak in. Time to crack the code, which involves a floor setup with Zodiac symbols. Cha-ching. Billions, actually trillions of points. Until…here comes the heat. They unload a few rounds into Tamara, who then shakes her fist and…de-resed cops. The Force Is Strong With This One!
Back at the Adamas, Willie is doing that constant pen-clicking thing Joseph can’t stand. Sam then returns, time for a talk between the brothers, seems they both have different ideas about Willie should be raised. Sam firmly believes he should be raised Tauran-style, it’s time to let the past go and move on past his dead mother and sister. Back at Graystone briefly…Daniel wins. Got the votes. Cylon project goes forward. A big family gathering at the Adamas and Willie seems to be having a good time. Back to New Cap City. Time to hand the bounty over to Vesta…but Tamara has a demand. She goes home first, Vesta gets the money. Naturally Vesta isn’t buying it. She’s reading a newspaper obit about Tamara Adams (?), 16-the real Tamara. Vesta springs the trap-Tamara’s dead, not going home. But not without a fight. Tamara tells the minion to go to the real world and find Joseph. Tamara’s friend does so. Then Vesta asks the question: “What Are You?” Tamara: “I’m Awake”. BANG. Never. Gets. Old.
At the Adamas, it’s time for the ritual. I find it interesting they say Joseph’s name so it sounds like “Yusef” or ‘Yosef” (more Middle-Eastern sounding). It’s very difficult to let Shannon & Tamara go, especially for Joseph, but they say yes. The priest tells them “they will live forevre in peace. They will live forever in your hearts”. The next part involves some kind of tattooing. Skip ahead to Tamara’s friend at the door. He says “Tamara sent me”. Joseph’s eyes immediately pop out. Joseph doesn’t understand what’s going on, then says he’s going to take Joseph there. The chase is on but Joseph can’t catch up before collapsing and the kid gets away. Back in New Cap City, we wrap up with Tamara walking down a quiet street, gun in hand. And we’re out.

Well, things certainly continue to get more interesting! Nice to see the focus mainly on the Adamas in this episode as well as giving Tamara some more direction, and furthering the angle between Joseph and Sam. I’m still curious to see where William/Willie goes from here as well as the further development of the Cylon project now that Daniel got the green light. He at least offered another clue as to the possible events that led to Battlestar. And the whole “Sin City”-type setting was clever, putting a videogame into it obviously got over well with me and I  enjoyed that aspect of it. Another great episode, I’m still dreading a month from now when we hit the lengthy midseason hiatus, but we keep heading in the right direction. Enjoy the ride for now.

Next week: Episode 7-Know Thy Enemy.


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