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Caprica: Episode 5 Recap & Review

Posted by representingpuroresu on 02/20/2010

After an unexpected change of plans last week, Caprica is back this week for the halfway point of the first half of the season (more on that at the end) and I’m hoping last night’s episode could build on the momentum I felt it was starting to generate. So with that, click below fo rmy recap & review of Episode 5: Gravedancing.

Previously: Amanda rats out Zoe, Zoe asks Lacy to help get her off Caprica to Gemenon, Daniel’s entire world is falling apart, Joseph has some interesting words for his brother Sam.

BOOM…whoa, we start right away with another explosion! Bomb. Agent Durham naturally thinks STO right away. Then we cut to…group bed-sharing? That arranged thing, until a phone call breaks things up. That leads to a quick outdoor bump-in with someone and an exchange of some kind of note…some kind of Global Defense Department raid is coming. At the school, the boy Lacy went after last week has some dynamite in his locker and gets it out just before the GDD arrives. Back at the Graystone mansion, Daniel is getting coaching on PR for a speech he’s likely about to make. And they’re not aware that Sam is watching them from a distance…seems he has been sent there by Joseph to elminate them. Vengeance, best served cold.
Elsewhere in the mansion, Zoe returns to the virtual worls after being unable to call Lacy. Short stay though, as one of those maintenance geeks shows up unexpectedly. Back at the Adama house, William got caught skipping again and gets a bit of a lecture from his grandmother, and some words of wisdom-you get the best things not from friends, but from enemies, because they’re scared of you. At the Graystones, Sam reports to Joseph that GDD agents have shown up and Amanda is not happy. The agents say theyr’e just trying to find out who turned Zoe into a bomber. Doesn’t take long to find evidence, namely jewelry shaped like the STO symbol, which Amanda claims she put there. Ultimately they wind up empty-handed, but they still think all paths lead to the school Ben & Zoe attended, and they didn’t act alone. Back at the lab, the tech geek runs some tests on Zoe, namely involving music and dancing-we even hear a second of the classic Battlestar Galactica theme! Zoe certainly has good moves. For a Cylon…obviously better looking as Zoe than robot (slight off-kilter comment: The human Zoe is really cute). Back at the precinct, they now seem to think the bombing plots on Caprica are linked to Gemenon.
Now it’s the big moment for Daniel-his appearance on The Baxter Sarno Show. Daniel starts opening up on Zoe, first saying his daughter was “troubled”. That starts the downhill slide. Daniel claims Zoe didn’t like the holoband but Baxter suggests that caused her to want to be involved in the bombing, which causes Amanda to abruptly join them on stage.
When they return from a break, Amanda starts rebutting Daniel’s side of the story, basically saying Zoe wasn’t troubled but was like any typical 15-year-old girl. Baxter quickly starts pushing the troubled/terrorist side, claiming Zoe was also things like “morally blank”. After some pressuring from Baxter, Daniel finally comes clean and reveals his creating the virtual Zoe. While Daniel’s going on, they don’t know that Sam has shown up and snuck into the studio. Meanwhile, Daniel is basically goaded into playing PR that’s going to cost Graystone industries most, if not all their profite on holoband sales & development. Mucho cha-ching. That wraps it up with Baxter claiming Amanda perhaps made the save of the century.
Elsewhere, Lacy continues to try and convince Ben’s best friend that she must take Zoe to Gemenon, but continues to meet with resistance. He basically says it’s someone else’s call, not his, but he’ll see what he can do. Meanwhile, Amanda rides home with, of all people, Sam. But of course Sam isn’t going to the Graystone mansion while Joseph is frantically trying to call hsi brother but Sam isn’t answering. Sam uses an “accident on the freeway” as an excuse for not taking Amanda home the right way. Sam then reveals to Amanda he lost his sister-in-law and niece in the train bombing…and indirectly reveals his motives to Amanda.
Back at the Adamas, Joseph wakes up from a nap to find Sam has returned, claiming “it’s done”. It being killing Amanda. Sam explains to Joseph how it went down, but not in a way that convinces Joseph…before admiiting Sam did not kill Amanda. In the end, Amanda asks Daniel the burning question about the Zoe avatar-“why didn’t you tell me?” Simple answer from Daniel: “I miss her”. Always a good answer. Amanda’s reply: “I miss her too”. Then they have a good laugh about their TV interview and what people thought of them. And we’re out.

Thoughts: Much to my delight, they kept some of the momentum from the last episode going. Start out with an unexpected adrenaline shot and keep things interesting throughout, even finding time to mix in a little bit of comedy relief (the Zoe dancing scene and the music). I found the talk show segment to be quite good, only way it could’ve been better was to maybe have gotten Bill Maher instead of guest star Patton Oswalt to do it. The other character that continues to intrigue me a lot is Sam-when will he pull the trigger for Joseph? Or will he? I feel the show conitnues to head in the right direction, hopefully it keeps going but the upcoming break is going to hurt.
Now about that break…when checking listings online earlier this week I learned that Syfy is going to do the dreaded breakup-only 10 episodes (the pilot counts as 2) will air this season, meaning the final episode of the first half is scheduled to be March 26. After that, the show goes on hiatus and the remaining 9 episodes will not air until next fall (could be anytime between September-December), meaning we have to sit and wait for roughly 6 months at best. Ouch. Not helped by the fact that ratings so far have been disappointing. Now I’m hoping the show isn’t one (season) and done, it could be over when it really starts to get good. Tell people to watch and keep watching!

Next week: Episode 6-There Is Another Sky.

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