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The Blizzard(s) Of 2010: Getting Back To Normal

Posted by representingpuroresu on 02/16/2010

Like it or not, and believe me when I say I do not, my life started returning to normal today following the blizzards of 2010 as I returned to work after what turned into an unexpected 10-day vacation.Click below to read on, breaking it up because, well, I went on too long. I do that sometimes.

It’s been a little rough at first re-adjusting to my usual weekday routine of getting up at 5 AM, out the door just before 5:30, getting to work just before 6:30 and so on. The forecast “commute from hell” didn’t happen for me, probably for 2 reasons-I leave for work so early and I commute into Washington, DC from the south so there’s usually less traffic. Roads were good until I got to the access roads I take to get to the subway, what should be a 2-lane road was one lane, and poorly plowed at a signal and traffic circle. I could also tell that if I took my usual road out, what normally are 3 left turn lanes will be only 2. I think I’ll take a few extra minutes to go the long way.
So how did I spend the 10 days off? When I wasn’t digging out or running out for more food/drinks (and a couple games), most of what I did besides work on the blogs and browsing the net was play PS2. The game I played the most? The ’06 RPG “Rogue Galaxy”, which I picked up just before the storm. I’ve put about 20 hours into it so far. Interesting game, fun and deep, but HARD. Granted I’ve probably been going through it in blitzkrieg mode…aka too fast too soon, but still…also picked up the weird RPG “Metal Saga” and some old shooters: “Star Trek Voyager Elite Force” (thought it was a port of the Voyager arcade shooter I play sometimes at Dave & Buster’s-this is actually more like Doom) and both “Silent Scope” and “Silent Scope 3”. Both are arcade ports of games I play sometimes-fun but challenging and I wish I could’ve used my GunCon 2 light guns (for Namco shooters) with them. But it adds to my collection of arcade titles I’m big on. And of course dusted off a few oldies. And I do plan to get a PS3, but not before I get a new job. And my PS2 isn’t going away, despite my accidently pulling it off the table (damn dogs where I live, landlord trained them to go off barking at ANYONE walking by, annoys me) it’s still in near-perfect condition after 4 years. I have too many games I still want to play even after I get rid of a few. Also worked a bit on my…I wouldn’t quite call it a diet, but I have been trying to eat less and healthier. Just before my car accident last year I probably weighed 210-220 pounds and had serious health issues, or so I though. I’m now down to about 195 pounds and still have pain/soreness at times, but it’s 1000 times better than it was before. Yes, I went to the doctor after having chest pains and quite a scare, but everything seems normal. Must be muscle aches. So here’s a tip for anyone thinking about dieting/eating healthier: Go to the bookstore and buy the books in a series called “Eat This, Not That!” and try what’s in the books. Believe me, it works. And cut back on the sodas too-my biggest weakness. I still drink them but not nearly as much as before, mostly to cut it out gradually so I don’t have major headaches from caffeine withdrawal. And do treat yourself and splurge once in a while, I did that this past weekend-a Double QPC at McDonald’s one day (I know!), Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits a couple days later for NASCAR…now I’m working on getting back on track. Now if I can learn to ditch white rice for brown…oh yeah, and I did watch the Super Bowl and download it once it hit iTunes. WHO DAT! How about those Saints…greatest storybook ending ever in sports. Hopefully this means bigger and better things for post-Katrina New Orleans, they deserve it.
And tomorrow-Wednesday-the second-best 4 words I hear in February each year: Pitchers And Catchers Report! Baseball returns-Spring Training begins! I can’t wait for that or for mlb.com to get Gamedy Audio going for this season, I’ll be paying the $15-20 again to listen to EVERY regular season and postseason game on my PC. I’m making it a point to catch every Friday, Saturday & Sunday Dodgers home game since this might be Vin Scully’s final season in the booth. Pull up a chair, as he says. And as March & April roll around I’m going to get out more, the Cherry Blossom Festival is coming up so I get to some stuff for that-already saving up money for the Sakura Matsuri Street Festival, I might go on an impromptu shopping spree of Japanese gifts, clothing, CDs and DVDs among other things. And if I’m lucky I’ll find myself a cute Japanese girlfriend…OK, I know that won’t happen but I can dream, can’t I? And maybe find a t-shrt with one of those cool slogans like “Looking For A Japanese Girlfriend” on it, but I’ll also take one that says “Gaijin” on it. Yeah, I still need a girlfriend, moreso now that the closest thing I had to one, a former online girlfriend I am close to, supposely is getting married. Good for her, but it means we probably won’t talk anymore even though we’ll hopefully split on good terms and remain friends. Sometimes living and being alone isn’t a bad thing, sometimes it is. Although given how much certain stuff I have on my PC, that may not be a feasible thing. And she’d have to be really into puroresu because I’d convert her otherwise.
Alright, enough for now, I need to get back to work. Then try to get home safely in about 2 hours-hopefully they cleared out the back way I take home and it’s not loaded with more potholes than the road I take to the shopping centers in town! And soon I’m gonna need a hovercraft for that one. Help me out with that one, people!


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