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The Blizzard Of 2010: Round 2

Posted by representingpuroresu on 02/10/2010

Yes, as I type this the second round of the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Blizzard that started last week is going on just outside my room. It hasn’t been too bad yet, only about an inch of new snow if that much but the winds are picking up. At least I still have power and plenty of food so long as I don’t lose power. But if that does happen, I still have enough non-perishable stuff in my room to last several days, I can easily live on cereal, fiber bars, bread, Pop-Tarts (not ideal though), cookies, Baked Doritos (trust me, eat these over regular Doritos), a few sodas, a few bottles of Izze, a handful of VitaminWaters & Honest Ades, and whatever I can dig up. At least it should be over after this and we have nothing for a while even though some weather forecasts suggest another system Monday, but I’ll be home that day anyway. But indeed this will be a storm I won’t soon forget, if not ever.
If you’re stuck in it too, hopefully you still have power! Stay warm and indoors!


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