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The Blizzard Of 2010: What It Looks Like Here

Posted by representingpuroresu on 02/06/2010

Just took a couple of pictures of what it looks like where I live as of about 4 PM ET, we’ve got roughly 2 feet of snow so far (I took these through one of the windows of the room I live in):

(Click on either image to view the larger image)
With any luck (and if I’m able to open the house’s storm door!) I hope to begin digging my car out tomorrow (that’s not my car in the photos). And hopefully the Federal Government will do the right thing and stay closed Monday, there is no way I can get to work-I have to take Metro and get on at an above-ground station. If there are more than 8 inches of snow still on the ground, no service. We’ll see what happens, but I hope they make the call early tomorrow so I can just relax and stay up late for the entire Super Bowl! (PS-I want New Orleans to win but am picking Indy) Haven’t yet lost power and despite a slight chill sometimes from slightly drafty windows (little I can do there) I’m still very comfortable, in good spirits, and still with days’ worth of food and drinks. At this rate I can probably last about a week on what I have. Maybe longer. Spring and summer can’t come fast enough!


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