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Caprica: Episode 4 Recap & Review

Posted by representingpuroresu on 02/06/2010

Yes, back on schedule this week! Now that the series finally got going with last week’s episode, it’s time to see wher elast week’s late twists & turns will take us this week. Click below for my recap & review of Caprica episode 4: The Reins Of A Waterfall.

Last time: A train is blown up, Zoe is rebuilt as a Cylon, Daniel Graystone & Joseph Adama start working together and quarreling over Daniel’s research, Amanda Graystone outs her daughter Zoe as a member of STO, the group responsible for the bombinbg

The backlash of Amanda’s revelation is spreading and it seems to be bad news for Graystone Industries. At school, it also seems that Lacy now finds herself targeted. Meanwhile, it seems Daniel is trying to avoid the media furors that have been spreading everywhere even though he knows he’s in deep. Too deep. He soon leaves a run-down gym and…blindsided. Beatdown at the hands of Sam Adama, Joseph’s brother and criminal-type. Tamara was Sam’s niece, killed in the bombing. And Sam’s taking his frustrations out on Joseph. Despite Daniel saying she’s gone, Joseph believes Tamara isn’t gone and wants to see his daughter again, and then his wife. But Daniel claims the programs to make more avatars died with Zoe, but Joseph is not convinced, and he warns Daniel this basically was strike 2.
We see that William continues to take bad habits from Sam, instead of going to school he shows up at a bar where Sam hangs out, bad crowd. I guess you can drink young on Caprica too. Amanda soon returns home and the busted-up Graystones find out what happened to each other. Not a good day to be one. While tending to Daniel’s cuts, Amanda senses he’s thinking of Zoe and things begin to blow up between the two, with the Cylon Zoe standing behind them and watching, while the human-looking Zoe seems shocked by what she’s hearing. It’s almost too much for her to hear it from her own parents. Eventually, of course argue leads to kiss & make up and “a good frak” in Amanda’s words. Haha. Who didn’t see that coming? And the Cylon even starts to turn away as we go to commercial. Hilarious!
At the police station someone came up with an interrogation video of Ben Stark, but one problem-there may be a different spelling of the last name-Starke instead of Stark. Seems one of these cops misspelled his name which may have led to all this because the kid walked free with essentially nothing more than a wrist slap. They frakked up on this one. Soon afterwards, seems Zoe managed to somehow get into the virtual world and send a message to Lacy to meet her “there”. They soon met in the virtual world where Zoe reveals she figured out how to hook up the holoband to the robot. After a bit of pondering about different things they soon find thsemselves joined by what appears to be Tamara-Joseph’s daughter. Or at least an avater of her. They all then go through a nearby door that opened when they saw Tamara. What happens is…well…TBD.
Daniel then meets with some PR people to formulate a plan to get him out of trouble. It mostly seems to involve him saying Zoe was a normal kid even if she really wasn’t. Daniel doesn’t like the idea of saying his daughter was troubled, a terrorist, etc. Then of course his temper wins out and they get Das Boot. And it would seem that door the girls went through led into the V-Club, their virtual hangout. Soon it seems Zoe has a plan-apparently she has a purpose on the planet Gemenon so she wants to escape from Caprica and go there. And the key for her to get there is Lacy.
At the school, Clarice (the school head) is speaking in a tiny room to a computer-like voice…and it seems she’s revealing to us that she is somehow connected to the STO. And that Zoe apparently is destined to serve a higher purpose. Now it gets interesting. Elsewhere, Lacy goes after a boy who she thinks is STO and cons some secret info out of him. He claims Ben is the kingpin of the STO and not Clarice, at least not anymore. Back at the Graytone lab, Daniel & Joseph return to the virtual world but of course so Joseph can see Tamara, but she’s gone. Then Daniel disappears briefly, leaving Joseph alone for a moment. When Daniel returns, it would appear that it’s just the two of them-Tamara’s avatar is gone. And Daniel says there’s no way to get it back.
In the news, it all continues to fall apart for the Graystones. Stock keeps dropping, their fortune is vanishing, the pressure keeps mounting. Back at the Adamas, Joseph returns home and has a few words for Sam. Something’s up.

Thoughts: It’s slowly starting to get a little more interesting as more pieces to the puzzle start falling into place. Seems we’re starting to get on the right track, slowly but surely. We now know more about just who is in the STO and that apparently Zoe wants off Caprica, but obviously the question now is will Lacy help her and if so, how exactly do you sneak off with a 1-ton robot? I’m starting to get a little excited about where we could be going, hopes remain high.

Next week: Episode 5-Gravedancing.

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