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Caprica: Episode 3 Recap & Review

Posted by representingpuroresu on 02/03/2010

It took much longer than I would’ve liked-roughly 4 days’ too long-but I finally have the latest episode of Caprica so it’s time to continue. Now that the repeat of the movie as the pilot is behind us the story really begins now. Click below for my recap & review of episode 3: Rebirth.

Last time: Replay of movie from last year. Terrorist incident, Zoe Graystone and Tamara Adama killed, but Zoe was “resurrected” in the body of a robot by her father Daniel as a Cylon.

Interesting beginning we we see a series of flashbacks through what appears to be the Cylon’s eye. Funky and seizure-inducing. Apparently Daniel has to make some quick advances on the technology or a lot of money is going away. Of course once everyone is gone Zoe contacts the only person it seems she can trust-Lacy. Interesting view we see both the Cylon as the robot and as Zoe in human form. Then we see a couple of human guys who clearly don’t get it…at least one doesn’t. Now we see the opening sequence for the first time. Short but cool.
It’s now been one month since the bombing. Everyone’s at the big Pyramid game except Joseph, who apparently took a wrong turn somewhere. Back at the lab, apparently one of the scientists thinks Zoe likes being treated rough. I doubt that. Elsewhere, more interrogators come banging on Amanda’s door, and it’s revealed that Ben Stark-the bomber-apparently was Zoe’s boyfriend and apparently Zoe didn’t tell her mother. Just as the Cylon Zoe is really frakked at those scientist guys and tries to break free from the restraints holding her while we cleverly alternate between seeing her as girl and robot. I like this. At least until a moment later when they manage to shut it down. A quick scene of dinner at the Adamas lasting until Joseph has a vision of his daughter and hears her voice. Back at the lab the scientists try to run diagnostics out of Zoe, only one guy who tries to put her in a chokehold to jab something into her nearly gets his finger bit off. Yowza.
Once Daniel is updated on the Cylon progress, he seems impressed with what’s been done so fat. One down, 99,999 to go. Lacy, meanwhile, stumbles to a wrong house and finds herself in a house of…group marriages? Odd little family. Seems one of them, a man named Nester, might have known Zoe, and perhaps is using that to make a move on Lacy. Back at the Graystone house, it’s now the day before the memorial for the bombing victims, and despite Amanda encouraging him to go Daniel doesn’t want to. Seems too focused on his Cylon work. Joseph then shows up but Daniel won’t let him in. After some downtime, back to work on the Cylon. Seems Zoe was in there but now she isn’t and Daniel doesn’t know where she is.
Back at the Graystone house, Amanda is watching tapes of Zoe & Lacy until Daniel interrupts. Seems their emotions over what’s going on are getting to both of them. But it seems Daniel is now willing to go to the memorial. Back at her house, Lacy then gets another call from Zoe. Time to set more wheels in motion. Then we see Zoe exploring the house and her old room, and finding the bed apparently is too soft for a robot at first. Then Lacy shows up. Of course she isn’t sure this robot is really Zoe at first. Seems Zoe still doesn’t fully understand she’s not really human but does reveal she’s going to be the only Cylon that’s her due to the original program being lost. But perhaps the most telling sign comes when Zoe and Lacy embrace each other.
Daniel & Amanda attend the memorial. Amanda then comes face to face with Ben’s mother. At about the same time Joseph finds Daniel. Ben’s mother has some mementos she gives to Amanda, namely a picture of Ben & Zoe together and a piece of jewelry shaped in the infinity symbol. The symbol of Soldiers Of The One. STO. The terrorists behind the bombing. Joseph demands to see the Tamara that Daniel created, but Daniel says Tamara is gone despite Joseph believing otherwise. But they’re interrupted by Amanda speaking about Zoe on stage. The bomb is dropped when Amanda says she thinks Zoe had a part in the bombing and reveals the jewelry with the infinity symbol. All hell breaks loose. Amanda admits her daughter was a terrorist. The Graystones are now Public Enemy #1.

Thoughts: Now the series really started for me-still a bit on the slow and dull side, but it started to get interesting at the end with the revelations of Zoe being one of the terrorists and Amanda making that clear. Another up-and-down episode, still has a lot of work to do after the false start and it’s not what I hoped it would be yet but I’m not ready to give up. Stay the course. One more thing-let’s see more of the human Zoe and not the robot. She is really cute.

Next time: Episode 4-Reins Of A Waterfall.


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