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Confuseyus: NFL Conference Championship Predictions Results

Posted by representingpuroresu on 01/25/2010


The NFL Conference Championships are in the books and the Super Bowl is set, so it’s time to see how our resident pigskin prognosticator fared. Click below for yesterday’s results.

AFC Championship: NY Jets at Indianapolis
Favorite: Indianapolis
Pick: Indianapolis
Result: Right (Indianapolis wins 30-17). Although it wasn’t easy and for a while early on it looked like the upset could be on, but Peyton Manning showed why he is Peyton Manning, the greatest QB-to-be of our generation. If not all time.

NFC Championship: Minnesota at New Orleans
Favorite: New Orleans
Pick: Minnesota
Result: Wrong (New Orleans wins 31-28). OK, the Saints were my sentimental favorite, a big part of me wanted them to win. And Minnesota might’ve pulled it off had it not been for some late mistakes, plus New Orleans got the ball first in OT. That was all. Annual Brett Favre Retirement Watch Time. Again. Gah.

Conference Championships record: 1-1
Playoffs record: 5-5

Next week: Super Bowl 44 Preview & Predictions. I’ll try to have it up on 2/3. For the curious, the oddsmakers have opened with Indy as a 4 point favorite and a over/under of 55 1/2.


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