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Caprica: Episodes 1 & 2 Recap & Review

Posted by representingpuroresu on 01/23/2010

Today I start another new thing here…sort of, I’ve done TV reviews here before but this time it’s not sports-related like before. As some of you know I was a big fan of “Battlestar Galactica” and have been eagerly anticipating the prequel, “Caprica”, moreso since they put out a movie last year. Now the series is here so as I watch each episode I’ll post brief reviews and my thoughts on them-since I currently don’t have cable but I have a Season Pass from iTunes for the show I’ll usually be watching episodes that air Friday night on Saturday mornings. Anyway, let’s get started with last night’s premiere, “Pilot Parts 1 & 2”.

The setting is the planet Caprica, 58 years before the fall (the beginning of Galactica). If you saw the movie, it starts out the same-with a few clips from the beginning, namely as we’re introduced to the Greystones and their rebellious daughter Zoe, who clearly is a bit too spoiled and doesn’t get along well with her parents, especially her mother Amanda-who Zoe claims married her father just for money. BOOM-bitch slap! Also seems Zoe likes to spend a lot of time in a virtual world accessed by wearing a holoband that projects the person in an alternate universe filled with drinking, dancing, violence, and of course sex (note if you saw the original unedited movie: The naughty bits aren’t here). And where some kind of sinister plot is hatched.
We’re then introduced to the other key players-the Adamas. Whereas the Greystones are brilliant scientists, the patriarch of the Adams is a lawyer. You should sense something is up when Zoe becomes separated from Lacy Rand, her best friend, as Zoe boards a crowded monorail-style train, along with a rather weird-acting boy. Soon Zoe sends a quick apology to her mother for the past, then…another apology and…BOMBS! The boy’s strapped and packing heat! BOOM. Suicide bombing. Everyone’s killed-including Zoe.
2 weeks later. The attack’s deemed terrorism and they point to a group called “Soldiers Of The One” (or STO) as being responsible. Soon after this briefing Daniel Graystone & Joseph Adama, the respective family patriarchs, meet by chance and start setting the wheels in motion. Turns out that in the bombing they both lost their daughters. Joseph also lost his wife. Elsewhere, at the school the girls attended a counselor tries to help Lacy find a way to reconnect with her now-dead friend. Elsewhere, Daniel further attempts to court Joseph, who also mentions his 11-year-old son for the first time-this boy is who will later become William Adama, commander of the Battlestar Galactica. Elsewhere, Lacy finds her way into Zoe’s virtual world she always hung out in via the holoband-and also “finds” Zoe. A seriously frakked up Zoe. Only it’s not really Zoe, more like a virtual image of her (you can maybe tell because this Zoe looks kinda rough around the edges, like a computer-generated image) yet she seems to have all Zoe’s memories. Lacy promises Zoe everything will be OK…at least until Daniel barges in on Lacy, who immediately bolts stage right…but left behind something she shouldn’t have. Elsewhere, it gets fun-Joseph is defending the group responsible for that bombing, apparently they are from a place known as Tauron-they believe in an eye for an eye among other things. Then we also get a look at a training simulation involving, if you saw the original Galactica, a robot skeleton that may look familiar…
Now we get our first brief look at young William Adama, the boy who, as most of us know, would become Admiral, leader of the survivors in search of Earth. Then back to the lab where Daniel now is using the holoband to enter the virtual world his daughter spent so much time in. Yeah, he doesn’t quite fit in. A short time later, back to the Adamas, where we learn apparently William is originally from Tauron despite apparently being born on Caprica. Interesting…then we go to Amanda being interviewed by an investigator, who thinks Zoe was aligned with the terrorists and knew it would happen. Yes, seems Amanda’s quick to lose it. Back at the Graystone house, Lacy visits again but is confronted by Daniel. The gig’s up. They’re going into the virtual world together. Quite the wake-up call for Daniel, who created the holoband and had no idea this would be what became of it. But the porn ones, they figure out fast. And first. Then Lacy drops the bomb-something about Zoe knowing God. And then…Daniel meets Zoe, but quickly figures out it’s not really his daughter, but a virtual representation of what she was. And a pretty darn smart one. Daniel’s not quite convinced it’s really Zoe yet. HE sees that although it’s a very good imitation of Zoe, it’s still just that-an imitation. But in the end, he still loves and misses his daughter too much to let it go. Daniel captures her avatar (virtual persona) and kicks Lacy out and won’t let her back in. End Part 1.
Part 2: Starts as you might expect, with a quick recap of the previous episode. As it begins, Lacy’s turn to talk to the investigators. They don’t get anything out of her. Elsewhere, we get our first look at the Galactica tradition of the game “Pyramid”, the most popular sport on Caprica, and it turns out Daniel actually owns a team. Once they ditch William with the team we learn more about Joseph and where he came from-he’s a Tauron. Later they visit the Graystone house and, after again ditching William, Daniel shows Joseph the holoband and takes him into the virtual world, where he introduces Joseph to Zoe. With surprising results. Joseph isn’t convinced that it was really Zoe despite what Daniel says. Daniel reveals his plan to Joseph, which involves robots and a way to bring Zoe back to life. But he needs a way to get the parts he needs that only one corporation makes-and that way may be Joseph, a way to bring back his daughter Tamara, also killed in the bombing. Daniel convinces Joseph into it with the prmise that, if the deal goes through, there’s a chance he could see his wife and daughter again.
After conferring with one of his connections, Joseph is in. One assassinated minister seals the deal, the grief of losing his wife and daughter was too much to not take the chance. I intentionally didn’t mention the sex on the other side, haha. Later on, once Joseph gets the necessary components, it’s back to Daniel’s lab to continue with the project to bring everyone back. Joseph returns to the virtual world and sees her daughter, and he has second thoughts about the project because his daughter “can’t feel her heart”. Daniel remains unwavered in his beliefs though, still convinced it’s a chance to have their lost family members back. Joseph isn’t totally sold. After one more virtual chat doesn’t dissuade him, Daniel moves ahead with the final stages of the project, inserting Zoe’s personality into the robot we saw earlier. Soon the robot is moving on it’s own and even speaking almost like a normal human. But a moment later a malfunction occurs and the data of Zoe is lost…elsewhere, Joseph finally sums up the courage to explain to William what’s happened and what will happen-despite the losses they will not stay down. They will pull themselves up, remain strong and push forward. Joseph also explains a little more about the heritage and the meaning of the Adama name to William. Then back to the lab for more robot testing, this time the robot’s tearing up stuff with a submachinegun. And locked up a nice little contract to keep from going to the Tauron. Then we find out what this machine is called-Cybernetic Life Form Node. CYLON. It’s good, but not what Daniel hoped for. That comes next, when another Cylon calls Lacy…identifying herself as Zoe, albeit with a somewhat mechanical voice. And it needs Lacy’s help…

Thoughts: Well, if you saw the movie that aired last year, you’re seen pretty much everything here, albeit in slightly more edited form (the movie is at least 2 minutes longer). So I didn’t need to sit through this and for me then, the series will really start with the next episode. Other than that, it’s the basic intro to all the key players and we at least see just how the Cylons came to be created as well as some of William Adama’s back story before we saw him on Galactica. But since I saw all this before, nothing new to really add from my prior movie review, next episode is when it really begins.

Next Week: Episode 3-Rebirth.

The first 2 episodes are now available for download on iTunes or you can watch the full episodes online and check out tons more Caprica-related content at syfy.com/caprica.


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