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Random Chiptune Of The Day #12

Posted by representingpuroresu on 01/07/2010

Romeo Knight is a porn star name if there ever was one. But it’s also the stage name (his real name is Eike Steffen) of a former Amiga & scene music composer who has quite a fan following for his great works and has since been touring with a few bands in Europe. He contributed several tracks to RKO and today I’ll share one of my favorites of his. This is Romeo Knight with his remix of “Future Shock”, originally composed by Neil Baldwin (Demon):

You can download this song for FREE at RKO (Remix.Kwed.Org) by clicking the link below:
Click on the first one under “Title”.

This is one of 13 songs by Romeo Knight and one of over 2600 songs you can listen to and download for FREE on RKO, no registration required. There is one catch though: To keep bandwidth costs reasonable there is a limit of 50 downloads per IP per hour (a download is when you listen to a song even if you don’t save it to your PC). But unless you’re only listening to a few seconds of a song before going to another one, not really a problem.

(Disclaimer: Per their own disclaimer/fine print, all songs on RKO are assumed to be freely distributable. They generally are submitted by the composers/arrangers/remixers themselves)

For more about Romeo Knight, visit his official website (in English) at the link below:
Note that the site apparently has not been updated since August 2009 and some parts of the site aren’t accessible (yet), but you likely can download some of his older works there.

You can also find 2 of his songs on the album “Syntax Era: Remix 64, Vol. 3”, available on iTunes and Amazon MP3 in the US and worldwide on C64Audio.com.


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