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Funny MMA Video Of The Day: Randy Couture, Divorce Attorney

Posted by representingpuroresu on 01/05/2010

It’s well-known that the UFC legend is going through divorce proceedings with his wife, who is also an MMA fighter better known for showing up at her last fight weigh-ins wearing a, well, quite revealing bottom over typical fight shorts/tights (and ironically the fight was against the wife of fellow UFC fighter Brandon Vera, who Randy had just fought and beaten at a UFC event, Mrs. Vera got revenge by beating Mrs. Couture). But what may not be well-known is he’a s more than capable divorce attorney, and if he can’t win for you in court he’ll win by TKO for you. He’s even done a very clever commercial spot for his services, which is after the jump. Enjoy.

(Disclaimer: He’s not really a divorce attorney. It’s just a very clever and funny spot for a replay of the Fighters Only World MMA Awards airing tomorrow [January 6] on Versus. They happened last weekend and were streamed live online)


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