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Crowning The Jewel…In Case You Missed It

Posted by representingpuroresu on 12/11/2009

If you already checked my puroresu (and once in a while, Japanese MMA) blog, Puroresu Respresentin’, today, you already know about this. If not, know I’m happy about this-Jewels, the popular female-only MMA promotion in Japan, held their 6th event today. And much to my delight, emerging victorious today was one of my favorite Japanese female fighters-the “Crown Jewel” of Ice Ribbon and my favorite butt-kickin’ cutie, Mika Nagano…who also of course is one of the cutest fighters in Jewels. She beat Yuko Kagoshima by 2nd round submission (armbar) to win the under-54kg division of the Rough Stone GP. Mika now has a 5-2 career record and has won 4 in a row. I don’t yet have video of the fight (if I ever find it I’ll pass it along) but until then here’s a short clip I found on the Jewels blog ahead of today…I’ve watched it a few times already-Mika is soooooo cute! And as you’ve maybe seen here already she looks good in a bikini too.

And as a bonus, this clip is a couple months old, but it’s more Mika including some ultra-cuteness in the second half, nice cosplay too:


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