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Random Chiptunes Of The Day #4 & 5

Posted by representingpuroresu on 11/12/2009

Although the C64 gets the most attention on the scene, it’s not the only game in town. A close #2 would probably be the C64’s sibling, the Commodore Amiga. Today a couple of Amiga tunes, these are a pair or remixes of the song “GODS”, both remixed by PowerTrace, originally composed by Nation 12:

First up, a remix titled “The DJ Rocks The Planet (GODS)”, which is a slower BPM (tempo/speed) with some nice female vocals (not 100% sure who the singer is but I believe she’s Kate Lesing):

Second, “GODS (HardCopy)”, a shorter remix with no vocals but a faster tempo:

You can download these songs for FREE at AmigaRemix (amigaremix.com) by clicking the link below:

Once you arrive at this page, click on the song name under “Name”. Within a few seconds you should be prompted to save the file to your PC (it does not play automatically, if you want to play it you need to use an audio player on your PC. These files should play in Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer and Winamp among others).
These are just two of over 600 songs you can download for FREE on AmigaRemix, no registration required.

(Disclaimer: Per their own disclaimer/fine print, all songs on AmigaRemix are assumed to be freely distributable. They generally are submitted by the composers/arrangers/remixers themselves)

PowerTrace, based in Sweden, also remixes songs under the name Kent Wallden. For more about him and more of his works and other projects visit his official website (in English):
He also has, at this time, 8 songs available for download on RKO (Remix.Kwed.Org).


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