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Random Chiptune Of The Day #1

Posted by representingpuroresu on 11/08/2009

Now that I’ve found a way to be able to add/link to audio files for free without uploading and paying to do so (to directly upload audio files to my blog from my PC I have to pay $20 a year) I’m going to try something new: To further my efforts to help “Keep The Scene Alive” I will be linking to, occasionally, a chiptune/C64 Remix song I really like. Don’t write these off as simple blips & bleeps from videogames, these are remixed songs that sound really awesome if you give them a chance! For the first one, I’ve chosen one called “Hardcore Hubbard Mix”, arranged by Jogeir Lilljedahl, originally composed by Rob Hubbard. The song was submitted to RKO in May 2002. This mix features samples of a number of Hubbard works including what currently is my favorite chiptune-Lightforce. Click the play button in the player below to listen:

You can download this song for FREE at RKO (Remix.Kwed.Org) via the following link:
Once you arrive at this page, click on the song name under “Title”. The song will load and begin playing in a few seconds. Click on “File” > “Save Page As…” to save the MP3 (this assumes you’re using Firefox).
This is one of over 2500 songs you can listen to and download for FREE on RKO, no registration required. There is one catch though: To keep bandwidth costs reasonable there is a limit of 50 downloads per IP per hour (a download is when you listen to a song even if you don’t save it to your PC). But unless you’re only listening to a few seconds of a song before going to another one, not really a problem.

(Disclaimer: All songs on RKO are assumed to be freely distributable as they generally are uploaded by the composers themselves)


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