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Confuseyus: NCAA Week 9 & NFL Week 8 Predictions Results

Posted by representingpuroresu on 11/01/2009



Another week of football is about in the books so it’s time to see how our resident pigskin prognosticator fared this weekend. Click below to see the weekend results. (Updated with Monday’s NFL result)

NCAA Week 9:
#20 West Virginia at South Florida (Friday)
Favorite: West Virginia
Pick: West Virginia
Result: Wrong (South Florida wins 30-19)

#5 Cincinnati at Syracuse
Favorite: Cincinnati
Pick: Cincinnati
Result: Right (Cincinnati wins 28-7)

#7 Iowa vs. Indiana
Favorite: Iowa
Pick: Iowa
Result: Right (Iowa wins 42-24)

#17 Ohio State vs. New Mexico State
Favorite: Ohio State
Pick: Ohio State
Result: Right (Ohio State wins 45-0)

#24 Mississippi at Auburn
Favorite: Mississippi
Pick: Auburn
Result: Right (Auburn wins 33-20)

#15 Houston vs. Southern Mississippi
Favorite: Houston
Pick: Houston
Result: Right (Houston wins 50-43)

#6 Boise State vs. San Jose State
Favorite: Boise State
Pick: Boise State
Result: Right (Boise State wins 45-7)

#18 Miami at Wake Forest
Favorite: Miami
Pick: Miami
Result: Right (Miami wins 28-27)

#1 Florida vs. Georgia
Favorite: Florida
Pick: Florida
Result: Right (Florida wins 41-17)

#8 TCU vs. UNLV
Favorite: TCU
Pick: TCU
Result: Right (TCU wins 41-0)

#12 Penn State at Northwestern
Favorite: Penn State
Pick: Penn State
Result: Right (Penn State wins 34-13)

#22 Oklahoma vs. Kansas State
Favorite: Oklahoma
Pick: Oklahoma
Result: Right (Oklahoma wins 42-30)

#11 Georgia Tech at Vanderbilt
Favorite: Ga. Tech
Pick: Ga. Tech
Result: Right (Ga. Tech wins 52-31)

#25 Notre Dame vs. Washington State
Favorite: Notre Dame
Pick: Notre Dame
Result: Right (Notre Dame wins 40-14)

#21 South Carolina at Tennessee
Favorite: Tennessee
Pick: South Carolina
Result: Wrong (Tennessee wins 31-13)

#3 Texas at #13 Oklahoma State
Favorite: Texas
Pick: Texas
Result: Right (Texas wins 41-14)

#4 USC at #10 Oregon
Favorite: USC
Pick: Oregon
Result Right (Oregon wins 47-20). Note: In the Yahoo game, users were 50-50 on this one.

#9 LSU vs. Tulane
Favorite: LSU
Pick: LSU
Result: Right (LSU wins 42-0)

#19 Utah vs. Wyoming
Favorite: Utah
Pick: Utah
Result: Right (Utah wins 22-10)

Week 9 record: 17-2
Season record: 147-25

ESPN College Football Challenge Week 9 Roster:
QB-Case Keenum, HOU (44-54, 559 yds, 5 TD, 5 rush, 10 yds, 43 points); Colin Kaepernick, NEV (12-21, 184 yds, 2 TD, 13 rush, 114 yds, 2 TD, 38 points)
RB-Jacquizz Rodgers, ORST (1-1, 14 yds, TD, 24 rush, 112 yds, 7 rec, 92 yds, 24 points), Lance Dunbar, UNT (23 rush, 221 yds, TD, 5 rec, 35  yds, 31 points)
WR/TE-Golden Tate, ND (4 rush, 61 yds, TD, 4 rec, 80 yds, TD, 26 points); Greg Salas, HAW (8 rec, 96 yds, 9 points)
TK-Boise State (FG, 6 XP, 9 points)
D/ST-Penn State (13 points allowed, 6 sacks, blocked kick, 2 fumbles recovered, win, 21 points)
Week 9 score: 201 points (best score so far this season)
Overall score: 1340 points
Overall ranking: 3047
Percentile: 97.7%

NFL Week 8:
Houston at Buffalo
Favorite: Houston
Pick: Houston
Result: Right (Houston wins 31-10)

Cleveland at Chicago
Favorite: Chicago
Pick: Chicago
Result: Right (Chicago wins 30-6)

Seattle at Dallas
Favorite: Dallas
Pick: Dallas
Result: Right (Dallas wins 38-17)

St. Louis at Detroit
Favorite: Detroit
Pick: Detroit
Result: Wrong (St. Louis wins 17-10)

San Francisco at Indianapolis
Favorite: Indianapolis
Pick: Indianapolis
Result: Right (Indianapolis wins 18-14)

Miami at NY Jets
Favorite: Jets
Pick: Miami
Result: Right (Miami wins 30-25)

NY Giants at Philadelphia
Favorite: Philadelphia
Pick: Giants
Result: Wrong (Philadelphia wins 40-17)

Denver at Baltimore
Favorite: Baltimore
Pick: Baltimore
Result: Right (Baltimore wins 30-7)

Jacksonville at Tennessee
Favorite: Tennessee
Pick: Jacksonville
Result: Wrong (Tennessee wins 30-13)

Oakland at San Diego
Favorite: San Diego
Pick: San Diego
Result: Right (San Diego wins 24-16)

Minnesota at Green Bay
Favorite: Green Bay
Pick: Green Bay
Result: Wrong (Minnesota wins 38-26)

Carolina at Arizona
Favorite: Arizona
Pick: Arizona
Result: Wrong (Carolina wins 34-21)

Atlanta at New Orleans
Favorite: New Orleans
Pick: New Orleans
Result: Right (New Orleans wins 35-27)

Week 8 record: 8-5
Season record: 74-42


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