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“What Just Happened?” Draw Your Own Conclusion

Posted by representingpuroresu on 10/21/2009

I missed this as it happened last night, but just saw a clip of what is easily one of the worst baseball calls ever-screw The Danny-FIRE TIM McCLELLAND. But of course Bud Selig isn’t going to do anything, he wants those Damn Yankees in the World Series for the ratings it’ll bring in. Oh, I’ll stop ranting long enough to explain what happened-last night in ALCS Game 4 it’s the top of the 5th, there’s 1 out and the Yanks are batting. Nick Swisher hits a grounder to Angels P Darren Oliver. With Jorge Posada heading home, Oliver throws to C Mike Napoli. Posada turns back to 3rd. Rundown. But…at the same time Robinson Cano is heading to 3rd base-we’ve got 2 Yankees at the same base! Napoli, alert to what’s happening, tags Cano right before Robinson realizes what’s happening then alertly tags Posada, who stepped on 3rd then immediately stepped OFF the base. Should be a very crazy double play. BUT…McClelland, who was standing RIGHT THERE, only called Posada out and not Cano. Replays clearly showed Napoli tagged Cano out before the runner stpped on 3rd, then Posada was off the base when tagged. McClelland said he didn’t see Cano get tagged. BS. Looking at the replay a few more times, he saw Cano get tagged before he stepped on the bag. Here’s what McClelland said after the game, according to asapsports.com:

“After looking at replays, I’m not sure I believe the replay of the first one … It showed that Cano was off the bag when he was tagged. I did not see that for whatever reason … I’m just out there trying to do my job and do it the best I can.”

Yes, please have some long & dumbfounded laughs at this egregious show of ineptitude. If there was ever proof that sometimes postseason sports are fixed to get popular teams and players to go to championship series strictly to get high network ratings, this is it. Selig, MLB and Fox all should have their money-grabbing @$$es dragged before Congress and have their antitrust exemption repealed and the FBI needs to do some busting as well. Absolutely unacceptable and then some, even though it seemed to have no real effect on the game’s outcome (the Yanks didn’t score). This is a serious blow to the credibility of the game and a sad sign of how sports are putting the networks and advertisers ahead of who should be first and foremost-the fans. Remember, we the fans are the ones who pay the teams and players so they can play. And if we’re not paying and watching we’re not buying what’s being advertised-it’s a chain reaction and it makes a difference. Don’t believe me? Look at this season in NASCAR. And while we’re at it, let’s get a new commish to replace Selig-someone who has ZERO part of a baseball team and thus no favorable/unfavorable interests outside of his own. Impromptu rant over.

Oh, and before I forget, here’s a link to the video of the play in question:


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