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Music Review: It’s Binary, Baby!

Posted by representingpuroresu on 10/20/2009

Continuing with my efforts to help “Keep The Scene Alive”, it’s time to review another album I’ve checked out recently by one of the more popular chiptune/C64 remixers out there. SO click below to check out my review of ‘It’s Binary, Baby!” by Makke, or as fellow remixer “Boz” calls him on his radio show, “Makke Good!”


Description from C64 audio.com: “Contemporary retro pop that uplifts and amazes. A stunningly original CD in which Makke’s personality shines through in every track! Highlights include the “happy hardcore but so much more” Glider Rider, the inspired hard-edged electro-synth and robotic vocals of “Cauldron 2-005”, and
Bonus tracks include Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” and Apoptygma Berzerk’s “Bitch, as well as Makke’s witty and acclaimed covers of Madballs and Artura, with Makke’s Irish accent all but wiping your memory of his Swedish origins!”

The first and, to date, only full album released by Marcus Nilsson, a Swedish (I think) composer/remixer who goes by the name Makke, this is a collection of both remixes/covers and original SID songs sung with an occasional Irish accent. The songs with vocals tend to fluctuate between surprisingly serious and incredibly silly but all of them are very catchy. The computer/robotic vocals on some of the songs are really funny and a clever touch that make the songs addicting. Makke originally composed 2 of the songs on the album while the rest are covers of songs by notable composers including Richard Joseph, Ben Daglish, Reyn Ouwehand and more-and yes, even Depeche Mode.
Honestly, there’s really a lot to like here. The songs sound great, the vocals are catchy and, on some of them, will make you laugh a bit although sometimes the robot/computer vocals are a little hard to understand at first, especially on Glider Rider, but after a few times you’ll figure it out. Some of the remixes here stand out more than others, although it’s kinda short his cover of Sanxion is cool with the vocals, Bitch is one of my faves for it’s hard-sounding vocals, and Arturra is downright laugh-out-loud. On the other end, there’s very little not to like here. There were one or two I wasn’t totally enthralled with, but not enough to complain.
On the whole, this is a great and really fun album that’s worth listening to. Chiptune/C64 remix fans should have this album in their library. After all, it’s not just good, it’s Makke Good!

Released in 2005 by C64Audio.com. Total running time: 52:19.

Album rating (1-10): 9 (Excellent)

Recommendation: Buy. Get the album as a whole instead of downloading single tracks, it’s much cheaper (you’ll save roughly $8).

Download these (singles I feel are must-buy from the album): I Am A Database, Glider Rider, Bitch, Sanxion

Available in the US for download from iTunes for $9.99 (buy the album and, compared to individual tracks, it’s like getting 7 free!). You can also buy the album on CD or download it from C64audio.com-I only recommend this for those in Europe. They do ship worldwide but it can be rather expensive if you’re ordering from outside England or parts of the EU. And you have to be able to convert currency to be able to pay in British Pounds. If you buy from C64Audio.com you get one bonus track that is not in the iTunes version.

You can also find and download more Makke songs for FREE on RKO (remix.kwed.org), on the site search for “Makke”. Currently RKO has 21 songs he’s credited with arranging/performing and 4 in which he performed with other remixers (Of those 4 songs, Out Of The Dome and Giana Sisters [Keep Da Scene Alive] are absolute must-downloads) . His songs are also heard on SLAY Radio (slayradio.org) and he also co-hosts “The C64 Take-Away Podcast” with RKO owner/webmaster Jan-Lund Thomsen, which you can get for free at RKO, c64takeaway.com, or subscribe in iTunes. Currently they do, on average, 2 shows per year but more than 40 past shows are available (Makke only co-hosts the last few). I do rate that podcast very highly, so go get it.


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