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Funny MMA Video Of The Day: Kiss THIS!

Posted by representingpuroresu on 10/20/2009

The sucker punch. The cheapest of the cheap. The lowest of the low. But when the other guy asks for it, it’s funny. Case in point: This clip I came across before a MMA fight. Not sure when this was, but here’s the deal: They’re in each other’s faces before being separated for ref instructions. Near the end the guy in the pink mohawk (Dude…) blows the other guy a kiss. The other guy kisses him back. With his right fist. Not sportsmanlike at all, but still funny and the kiss-blower got what he deserved. Funny part was right as the clip ends the cage announcer calls for security!
I can’t put this video in the post but I can link to it and it’ll be in the vodpod. Enjoy.



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