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Gina Who? You Can Have Her Now, I’m Moving On…

Posted by representingpuroresu on 10/16/2009

Nothing against Miss Carano but I’ve found a new MMA hottie that’s the object of my affections. No, not Cristiane Santos, haha, although she’s not as bad as she’s made out to be, but this one fighter currently in Japan’s Jewels promotion who’s basically a slimmer Santos with a much prettier face…and the jit-jitsu to match. Click below to see who it is…

I give you Mika Nagano…
nifsabraticket055101lShe’s a 2-year pro with a 4-2 record, 3 of those 4 wins by submission. She’s won her last 3 fights (all by armbar), the last 2 against the same fighter. Her only losses are to Saori Ishioka and before that, her debut fight and she got the worst possible matchup there-Megumi Fujii, the goddess of Japanese women’s MMA (although Miku Matsumoto’s making a serious run at that title). She recently showed off her stuff for a promo shoot for Jewels and some photos appeared in a Japanese magazine-there were rumors she did some topless shots…don’t waste your time looking for them, guys. They’re not legit. They’re the cheesy-type shots that gravure idols often do, meaning she’s still covering it up. But that’s fine with me, I have no problem with cuties that are also legit butt-kicking machines and aren’t afraid to let their pretty faces get a little messed up. Which is rare since in some MMA promotions in Japan (I know DEEP is one) the women can’t do ground-n-pound. But still, she’s one to watch and obviously I’m now a fan of her. Pretty face + nice body + great fighter + being a typical Japanese woman meaning quite cute = Sayonara, Gina.

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