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Site Update: Why It’s Been So Quiet Lately…

Posted by representingpuroresu on 10/01/2009

Yeah, you’ve likely noticed that I haven’t posted much over the last month, so I’m going to take a couple moments to explain exactly why. There are 2 main reasons-spending a lot of time working on my new puroresu blog (link on the right side, the one that says “Puroresu Representin'”) and health issues, which I considered potentially serious until getting what amounts to a clean bill of health earlier today outside of some muscle aches I just have to work hrough. Those have contirbuted in part to my laziness and not updating recently, but now that things can soon get back to normal I will try and do better.
Also, since today marks th estart of hockey season, it’s once again time to ROCK THE RED! So I’m switching the color scheme from blue back to the red I used in April & May and it will stay that way until hockey season in DC ends, hopefully with the Washington Capitals raising the Stanley Cup-I have a feeling this is the year!


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