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Confuseyus: NCAAF Week 2 & NFL Week 3 Predictions Results (Updated)

Posted by representingpuroresu on 09/21/2009



Another weekend of football is in the books, meaning it’s time to see how the resident pigskin prognosticator fared in NCAAF Week 3 and NFL Week 2. Click below to see how the results turned out. (Updated with Monday’s results)

NCAAF Week 3:
#10 Boise State at Fresno State
Favorite: Boise State
Pick: Boise State
Result: Right (Boise State wins 51-34)

#24 North Carolina vs. East Carolina
Favorite: North Carolina
Pick: North Carolina
Result: Right (North Carolina wins 31-17)

#22 Kansas vs. Duke
Favorite: Kansas
Pick: Kansas
Result: Right (Kansas wins 44-16)

#25 Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan
Favorite: Michigan
Pick: Michigan
Result: Right (Michigan wins 45-17)

#8 California at Minnesota
Favorite: California
Pick: California
Result: Right (Cal wins 35-21)

#5 Penn State vs. Temple
Favorite: Penn State
Pick: Penn State
Result: Right (Penn State wins 35-6)

#11 Ohio State at Toledo
Favorite: Ohio State
Pick: Ohio State
Result: Right (Ohio State wins 38-0)

#4 Alabama vs. North Texas
Favorite: Alabama
Pick: Alabama
Result: Right (Alabama wins 53-7)

#13 Virginia Tech vs. #19 Nebraska
Favorite: Virginia Tech
Pick: Nebraska
Result: Wrong (Va. Tech wins 16-15)

#12 Oklahoma vs. Tulsa
Favorite: Oklahoma
Pick: Oklahoma
Result: Right (Oklahoma wins 45-0)

#18 Utah vs. Oregon
Favorite: Oregon
Pick: Utah
Result: Wrong (Oregon wins 31-24)

#3 USC at Washington
Favorite: USC
Pick: USC
Result: Wrong (Washington wins 16-13)

#1 Florida vs. Tennessee
Favorite: Florida
Pick: Florida
Result: Right (Florida wins 23-13)

#17 Cincinnati vs. Oregon State
Favorite: Oregon State
Pick: Cincinnati
Result: Right (Cincinnati wins 28-18)

#16 Oklahoma State vs. Rice
Favorite: Oklahoma State
Pick: Oklahoma State
Result: Right (Oklahoma State wins 41-24)

#9 LSU vs. LA Lafayette
Favorite: LSU
Pick: LSU
Result: Right (LSU wins 31-3)

#15 TCU vs. Texas State
Favorite: TCU
Pick: TCU
Result: Right (TCU wins 56-21)

#7 BYU vs. Florida State
Favorite: BYU
Pick: BYU
Result: Wrong (Florida State wins 54-28)

#5 Mississippi vs. SE Louisiana
Favorite: Mississippi
Pick: Mississippi
Result: Right (Mississippi wins 52-6)

#23 Georgia vs. Arkansas
Favorite: Arkansas
Pick: Georgia
Result: Right (Georgia wins 52-41)

#2 Texas vs. Texas Tech
Favorite: Texas
Pick: Texas
Result: Right (Texas wins 34-24)

Week 3 record: 17-4
Season record: 52-7

NFL Week 2:

Atlanta vs. Carolina
Favorite: Atlanta
Pick: Atlanta
Result: Right (Atlanta wins 28-20)

Minnesota at Detroit
Favorite: Minnesota
Pick: Minnesota
Result: Right (Minnesota wins 27-13)

Green Bay vs. Cincinnati
Favorite: Green Bay
Pick: Green Bay
Result: Wrong (Cincinnati wins 31-24)

Tennessee vs. Houston
Favorite: Tennessee
Pick: Tennessee
Result: Wrong (Houston wins 34-31)

Kansas City vs. Oakland
Favorite: Kansas City
Pick: Kansas City
Result: Wrong (Oakland wins 13-10)

New England at NY Jets
Favorite: New England
Pick: New England
Result: Wrong (Jets win 16-9)

Philadelphia vs. New Orleans
Favorite: Philadelphia
Pick: New Orleans
Result: Right (New Orleans wins 48-22)

Washington vs. St. Louis
Favorite: Washington
Pick: St. Louis
Result: Wrong (Washington wins 9-7)

Jacksonville vs. Arizona
Favorite: Jacksonville
Pick: Arizona
Result: Right (Arizona wins 31-17)

Buffalo vs. Tampa Bay
Favorite: Buffalo
Pick: Tampa Bay
Result: Wrong (Buffalo wins 33-20)

San Francisco vs. Seattle
Favorite: San Francisco
Pick: Seattle
Result: Wrong (San Francisco wins 23-10)

Pittsburgh at Chicago
Favorite: Pittsburgh
Pick: Pittsburgh
Result: Wrong (Chicago wins 17-14)

Denver vs. Cleveland
Favorite: Denver
Pick: Cleveland
Result: Wrong (Denver wins 27-6)

San Diego vs. Baltimore
Favorite: San Diego
Pick: Baltimore
Result: Right (Baltimore wins 31-26)

Dallas vs. NY Giants
Favorite: Dallas
Pick: Dallas
Result: Wrong (Giants win 33-31

Indianapolis at Miami (Monday)
Favorite: Indianapolis
Pick: Indianapolis
Result: Right (Indianapolis wins 27-23)

Week 2 record: 6-10
Season record: 18-14
Next weekend’s picks coming Tuesday.

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