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Confuseyus: NFL & NCAAF Weekend Predictions (9/10-9/13)

Posted by representingpuroresu on 09/10/2009



Saturdays and Sundays. They’re once again about the pigskin. And laundry. And some yard work. But mainly, they’re about the pigskin. And maybe you should clean the garage while you’re at it. Anyway, what better sport for Joe Average Junkie to prognosticate over than football? Confuseyus like picking football like average Joe, although Confuseyus get late start on posting predictions, meant to start with college last week but got too into Navy coming oh-so-close to sinking THE Ohio State University. So we’ll officially start here with predictions for NFL Week 1, which starts tonight, and College Week 2. The college predictions will be only for Top 25 matchups featured in the Yahoo Sports College Football Pick ‘Em game. Let’s pick some pigs!

Usual disclaimer: As with the MMA predictions, these picks are strictly for entertainment and fantasy sports games purposes only and should not be used as the basis for any real life betting/wagering.

NFL Week 1 (9/10-9/13):
Thursday (Tonight):
Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee
Favorite: Pittsburgh
Pick: Pittsburgh

Atlanta vs. Miami
Favorite: Atlanta
Pick: Atlanta

Cincinnati vs. Denver
Favorite: Cincinnati
Pick: Cincinnati

Minnesota vs. Cleveland
Favorite: Minnesota
Pick: Minnesota

Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville
Favorite: Indianapolis
Pick: Indianapolis

New Orelans vs. Detroit
Favorite: New Orleans
Pick: New Orleans

Dallas vs. Tampa Bay
Favorite: Dallas
Pick: Dallas

Philadelphia vs. Carolina
Favorite: Philadelphia
Pick: Philadelphia

Baltimore vs. Kansas City
Favorite: Baltimore
Pick: Baltimore

Houston vs. NY Jets
Favorite: Houston
Pick: Houston

NY Giants vs. Washington
Favorite: Giants
Pick: Giants (obviously I want Washington to win, but for Fantasy I must pick Giants)

Arizona vs. San Francisco
Favorite: Arizona
Pick: Arizona

Seattle vs. St. Louis
Favorite: Seattle
Pick: Seattle

Green Bay vs. Chicago
Favorite: Green Bay
Pick: Chicago

New England vs. Buffalo
Favorite: New England
Pick: New England

San Diego vs. Oakland
Favorite: San Diego
Pick: San Diego

NCAAF Week 2:
Week 1 Record: 16-1
Season Record: 16-1

#7 Penn State vs. Syracuse
Favorite: Penn State
Pick: Penn State

#19 North Carolina vs. Connecticut
Favorite: North Carolina
Pick: North Carolina

#1 Florida vs. Troy
Favorite: Florida
Pick: Florida

#14 Virginia Tech vs. Marshall
Favorite: Va. Tech
Pick: Va. Tech

#22 Nebraska vs. Arkansas State
Favorite: Nebraska
Pick: Nebraska

#16 TCU vs. Virginia
Favorite: TCU
Pick: TCU

#5 Oklahoma State vs. Houston
Favorite: Oklahoma State
Pick: Oklahoma State

#18 Notre Dame vs. Michigan
Favorite: Notre Dame
Pick: Michigan

#2 Texas vs. Wyoming
Favorite: Texas
Pick: Texas

#9 BYU vs. Tulane
Favorite: BYU
Pick: BYU

#10 California vs. Eastern Washington
Favorite: California
Pick: California

#25 Missouri vs. Bowling Green
Favorite: Missouri
Pick: Missouri

#13 Oklahoma vs. Idaho State
Favorite: Oklahoma
Pick: Oklahoma

#21 Georgia vs. South Carolina
Favorite: Georgia
Pick: Georgia

#4 Alabama vs. Florida International
Favorite: Alabama
Pick: Alabama

#11 LSU vs. Vanderbilt
Favorite; LSU
Pick: LSU

#24 Kansas vs. UTEP
Favorite: Kansas
Pick: Kansas

#23 Cincinnati vs. SE Missouri State
Favorite: Cincinnati
Pick: Cincinnati

#3 USC vs. #8 Ohio State
Favorite: USC
Pick: Ohio State

#12 Boise State vs. Miami (OH)
Favorite: Boise State
Pick: Boise State

#17 Utah vs. San Jose State
Favorite: Utah
Pick: Utah


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