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The Passing Of Evan Tanner: One Year Later

Posted by representingpuroresu on 09/08/2009

When scanning my MMA news sites I was just reminded of one year ago yesterday, when the tragic news came out: Our worst fears had come true-Evan Tanner was dead. He had fought what probably was going to be his last UFC fight, a split decision loss to Kendall Grove, and was planning an extreme journey into the deserts of the Southwest, so far in that he knew he might not make it back alive. It spread quickly-“Evan Tanner May Die In The Desert” was a common headline. Sadly, it turned out to be true. In the weeks that followed fans, organizations and news sites all put together their own tributes to the fallen warrior, I myself tried to grow a full beard out along with several of my fellow MMA fans. It lasted about a month before I had to give up and shave it off. I also put one of his quotes I remembered best in my profile on one such site and on top of this blog, where it will always remain in tribute to a great fighter and a great man who overcame so many personal demons in his life. After the jump, a very well-produced tribute video and two previously unreleased videos.

God Bless, Evan. We still miss you!

“Believe in yourself. Believe in your own potential for greatness. Believe that you can change the world. It is something that is within each of us.” – Evan Tanner 1971-2008

Unreleased video part 1:

Part 2:

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