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Funny MMA Video Of The Day: Alistair Overeem Is Not A Ladies’ Man

Posted by representingpuroresu on 08/27/2009

Well, at least when it comes to how to treat a lady…unless they’re asking for it. You might remember that internet sensation that was Quinton Jackson givng a Cage Potato female reporter an interview a while back…and some “special attention” to go with it. Now there’s this weird clip of Alistair Overeem giving some Dutch woman an interview (hence the language you won’t understand unless you speak it) and then he goes Cristiane Santos on her. OK, he pulls the punches (and kicks) a bit but she also does a nice sell on a right cross. There are a couple different parts to this in the clip below, skip to about the 1:15 mark for the first bit then skip to about 3:10 for more…then skip to about 5:00 for even more, daaaaamn! And get this woman into wrestling…or at least on “Sport Science”. She’d do well! Enjoy. And, in the final 10-15 seconds, watch for a classic EPIC FAIL moment.


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