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Coming Next Month: Dancing With The Iceman!

Posted by representingpuroresu on 08/17/2009

Sorry my photoshopping skills won’t allow me to add a funny pic here, but next month I’m going to start doing something I’ve never done before: Watch (and recap) season 9 of “Dancing With The Stars”. I’ll be dubbing my column here “Dancing With The Iceman” because my focus will be on UFC Hall Of Famer Chuck Liddell, named as one of the 16 celebs competing this season. I’m already wondering who he’ll be paired with. Anyone else think it’s old flame Willa Ford? Either way I’ll do it as long as Chuck’s on before he either wins or eliminated…which will likely be all of one episode! But nonetheless this is something I’m going to have fun with, I hope. This will start up September 21, when the new season premieres. See you then!

(PS-My early preseason pick to win it all, and I’ve done well with these in the past: Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin)


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