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Well Guys, Here’s The Shot That Sums Up Last Night…

Posted by representingpuroresu on 08/16/2009

Yeah, you all must still be broken-hearted over what happened to your precious Gina last night. Don’t worry, she might get an immediate rematch or be in a determination tournament to see who’ll face Santos first. No, I wasn’t too upset about it-I picked Santos to win. Watched the fight this morning, nearly had another premature celebration! When it was stopped, I immediately thought back to Machida-Silva at UFC 94 with the buzzer-beating KO. And yes, we got proof Friday night that Mrs. Cyborg is indeed a woman-she pulled a prank on Scott Coker post-weigh-ins: Called him and told him that during pre-fight testing, they found out she was pregnant. Of course that was false. And funny. Just remember guys, it isn’t the end of the world. Besides, some guys like their women with muscles on top of muscles so it’s still all good.


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