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Site Update: Another Blog Coming Soon!

Posted by representingpuroresu on 08/04/2009

Yeah, I’ve really caught this blogging bug. Although I’ve also been floating the idea of another separate blog recently and am going to try and put it together. The focus of this blog will be solely on one of my other big interests/hobbies-Japanese pro wrestling, commonly called it’s Japanese word-puroresu. I’ve always been a closet fan of it but moreso these last 4-5 years when I first had a chance to see it, compared to promotions like WWE & TNA that are more “sports entertainment” than wrestling, puroresu has always been more about wrestling and the sports aspect, although there are some WWE-style promotions over there. And although it’s nowhere near as popular as it once was, joshi puroresu, or women’s pro wrestling, continues to survive through various promotions and still has it’s own fanbase. Unlike the so-called “divas” and “knockouts” of WWE & TNA, Japanese female wrestlers are more about displays of athletics and high-flying spots just like the men can do, with even a little bit of hardcore now & then. In other words, they’re there to wrestle and not nearly fall out of their tiny outfits. Anyway, it’ll be a bit before anything’s really up, but when it is it can be viewed here:
It’ll be a “general audiences” blog with content suitable for all ages, no “NSFW” content unlike my other blog. The primary focus will be on the latest news & results and I hope to add sections with promotion info, wrestler bios, and title histories as well as occasionally a recent (and not so recent) video or two-there’s quite a bit of good puro material on sites like YouTube. Hopefully it turns out like I hope it will and you will enjoy it and help spread the “Purolove”!
Update: Site now up and running!)


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