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Funny MMA Video Of The Day: You Hate BJ Penn, He Hates You Back

Posted by representingpuroresu on 07/29/2009

This is actually an audio clip of a recent ESPN Radio 1100 (Las Vegas) interview with UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn. Supposedly he has a beef with MMA Weekly over “Vaseline-Gate”, specifically for, at least in his mind, making his appeal to the Nevada State Athletic Commission seem extremely whiny rather than just annoyingly whiny.  What’s worse, Penn added, he did a lot to help the Ryan Bennett Memorial Fund after the death of the MMA Weekly founder, and this should apparently guarantee positive coverage from them years later. That’s at the 2:15 mark of this roughly 3:45 clip. Listen after the jump and draw your own conclusions…I do hope Kenny Florian finally shuts him up next week at UFC 101. At least until BJ starts whining again the day after.

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