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Funny MMA Video Of The Day: Post-UFC 100 Arianny Fix

Posted by representingpuroresu on 07/14/2009

OK, this is just a post-event interview with Arianny, but hey, it’s Arianny! In this short (about 4 minutes) interview recorded after the event, Arianny talks UFC 100, Holly Madison as a ring girl (My thoughts on Holly: FAIL), her future in UFC & other work, and in the last minute or so some really funny stuff as a couple of the questions get downright silly…not to mention how to win her heart. No, she never dated Roger Huerta (despite rumors to the contrary, they were just friends) and thus is available! Check out the video at the link below…oh, and by the way, no bikinis, booty shaking, etc. in this one. Just Arianny from the shoulders up in a nice dress after UFC…sorry guys. But it’s still a fun interview. (Can’t embed this video in the post but it’s already in the vodpod)


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