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Confuseyus: UFC 100 Results: What A Rush, Lesnar Sends A Stone Cold Message!

Posted by representingpuroresu on 07/11/2009



Click the link below for results from tonight’s UFC 100 event in Las Vegas.

Shannon Gugerty beat Matt Grice by submission (guillotine) at 2:36 of round 1.
Tom Lawlor beat CB Dollaway by submission (guillotine) in 55 seconds.
Dong Hyun Kim beat TJ Grant by unanimous decision, 3 30-26s. Grant docked 1 point near end of round 2 for illegal kick to face/head of downed opponent. Grant hit head/face kick while Kim was down on one knee.
Jon Jones beat Jake O’Brien by submission (guillotine) at 2:43 of round 2.
Jim Miller beat Mac Danzig by unanimous decision, 3 30-27s.
Mark Coleman beat Stephan Bonnar by unanimous decision, 3 29-28s.

Yoshihiro Akiyama beat Alan Belcher by split decision, 30-27 Akiyama, 29-28 Belcher, 29-28 Akiyama.
Confuseyus Scorecard:
R1: A close 10-9 Belcher.
R2: A close 10-9 Akiyama, could go either way. 19-19.
R3: A close 10-9 Belcher, but like round 2 could go either way. I have it 29-28 Belcher but very close, possibly a SD. (Post-decision thoughts: Close indeed, but robbed. It was NOT 30-27 Akiyama, I greatly disagree with that score)

Dan Henderson beat Michael Bisping by KO at 3:20 of round 2.
Confuseyus Scorecard:
R1: 10-9 Henderson.

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre beat Thiago Alves by unanimous decision, 2 50-45s and 1 50-44, to retain the title.
Confuseyus Scorecard:
R1: 10-9 GSP.
R2: 10-9 GSP.
R3: 10-9 GSP.
R4: 10-9 GSP. In his corner after the round, GSP said he pulled his groin.
R5: 10-9 GSP. Surprisingly one-sided, should be 50-45 GSP but it was not even that close. Next up should be the Martin Kampmann-Mike Swick winner, that’s likely at UFC 103. (Post-decision thoughts: More one-sided than the scores indicate despite Alves getting more offense in the later rounds. The 50-44 is justified, I was borderline on 50-44 instead of 50-45).

UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar beat UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir by TKO (strikes) at 1:48 of round 2 to unify the titles and retain the now-undisputed title. Brock gave the fans a “Stone Cold Salute” (2 middle fingers) afterwards. Hell of a promo in post-fight interview, Vince McMahon had to love it. Dana won’t have pleasant words about some of what Brock said.
Confuseyus Scorecard:
R1: 10-8 Lesnar. Very one-sided, just enough for 10-8.

Jon Fitch beat Paulo Thiago by unanimous decision, 1 30-27 and 2 29-28s. (fight was held until after Lesnar-Mir)
Confuseyus Scorecard:
R1: 10-9 Thiago.
R2: 10-9 Fitch. 19-19 after 2.
R3: 10-9 Fitch. Thiago seemed to have it early on but after a nice fallback slam to try and get Fitch off his back, Fitch took over and dominated the second half of the round. Fitch should have a 29-28 win thanks to that, but he wasn’t as dominant as I predicted he would be, this fight likely was closer than the scores will indicate. (Post-decision thoughts: About what I expected, don’t necessarily agree with the 30-27. It was a little closer than the scores would indicate)

The reported fighter payouts for the headliners, which apparently were released earlier in the night:
Lesnar-$400,000. Flat payout, no bonus
Mir-$45,000. $90,000 if he wins
GSP-$200,000. $400,000 if he wins
Alves-$60,000. $120,000 if he wins
Henderson-$250,000 because he won. If he lost, $100,000
Bisping-$150,000. Would’ve made $250,000 if he won.

Final thoughts: Thumbs up. I would’ve liked to see some more homage paid to what got UFC here, but in terms of action it lived up to the billing, a very solid night of fights. Was worth it.

Fantasy record: 7-4.

Next up: UFC 101 on August 8. Main event is UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian for the title. I’ll probably be back doing main card commentary for that one. Also one note for the end of August: I am planning to skip (as in not buy and not watch live) UFC 102. Outside of the main event, the PPV card does not impress me enough to warrant $45 considering how good the prelim part looks, so I think I’ll pass and just get quick results.

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