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Funny MMA Picture Of The Day: First Vaseline-Gate, Now…Elbowgate?

Posted by representingpuroresu on 07/10/2009

Conspiracy! Apparently spending too much time around Mark Coleman gives you a ridiculously big elbow. Proof after the jump.

Great work once again by the best-Tracy Lee of CombatLifestyle.com. That close-up is of the right elbow of Georges St. Pierre, taken Wednesday in the presence of Coleman. There’s a better pic in this set of the elbow, but it shows these two getting a little too friendly, so no thanks (it’s worksafe but still disturbing). So either GSP’s got another “gate” coming or Thiago Alves had better keep it standing…or somehow a golf ball found it’s way into that elbow. Will it affect the champ tomorrow night? We shall see. No, I didn’t coin Elbowgate. Blame MMAmania if it gets out of control, I’m happy with Vaseline-Gate, thank you very much.


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