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THE BIG 100K!!!

Posted by representingpuroresu on 06/30/2009

Yes, another big milestone reached today: A short time ago the blog reached 100,000 total hits! Totally awesome, dudes! Amazingly it took just 7 months, give or take a day. I figured it would’ve taken more like 8-9 years and I’d have long given up by then. Sorry, no pics this time, gotta eat and then put in some Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 but wante dto make note of this. And to all those so-called “Seekers” and “Meeps” who thought it wouldn’t amount to much if anything…How Taste My Bad Karma? Haha…you all wouldn’t understand. Anyway, many thanks to everyone for their hits, support, etc. Keep them coming and maybe in, oh, 7 years we’ll do it again at 1 million! (Yeah, it’ll take about that long at the current pace, the cumulative average of the blog is about 500 hits per day)

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