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Funny MMA Videos Of The Day: These Guys Get Choked Out So We Don’t Have To

Posted by representingpuroresu on 06/22/2009

Lucky b*stards. 2 videos actually, I thought I had put up the first one after I saw it recently but turns out I didn’t. So after the jump are a TV reporter getting an interview-and rear naked choke-courtesy of Cristiane Santos then a clip from FSN’s “Sport Science” with the show’s host-having already survived being legit RNC’d by Fedor Emelianenko-getting to live out one of our MMA fantasies-getting RNC’d by Gina Carano. Damn him, haha.

Santos interview & choke (skip to 4:45 for choke):

Carano piece & choke (skip to 4:45 for choke then watch him not want to get off Gina’s arm afterwards even though he’s come to):

8/15 can’t come fast enough!


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