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Confuseyus: The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale Results: Team UK Sweep, Fight Of The Year!

Posted by representingpuroresu on 06/20/2009



Click the link below for results from tonight’s UFC The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale from Las Vegas.

Prelim matches:
Jason Dent beat Cameron Dollar by submission (anaconda choke) at 4:46 of round 1.
Nick Osipczak beat Frank Lester by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:40 of round 1.
Tomasz Drwal beat Mike Ciesnolevicz by TKO (strikes) at 4:48 of round 1.*
Brad Blackburn beat Edgar Garcia by split decision, 29-28 Blackburn, 29-28 Garcia, 29-28 Blackburn.
Melvin Guillard beat Gleison (Graison) Tibau by split decision. Scores not read.
TV fights:
Joe Stevenson beat Nate Diaz by unanimous decision, 3 29-28s.
Confuseyus Scorecard:
R1: 10-9 Stevenson. Diaz in control early with a guillotine attempt but once Stevenson got out he took control and nearly finished with his own guillotine, then kept control on the ground with strikes and submission holds, finishing the round with some knees in the standing clinch.
R2: 10-9 Stevenson. Pretty much same as round 1. Diaz went for arm-in guillotines early, Stevenson gets out and goes for subs of his own and maintains control standing and on the ground throughout the round.
R3: 10-9 Diaz. Closest round, first half went same as before then Stevenson didn’t maintain as much control. Last minute or so was standup with Diaz getting more aggressive knowing he likely had to finish to win the fight. Edged out Stevenson in the final round in my eyes, but not enough as I grudgingly have Stevenson taking a 29-28 win.

TUF 9 Lightweight Finals: Ross Pearson beat Andre Winner by unanimous decision, 3 29-28s.
Confuseyus Scorecard:
R1: 10-10. Too close to call, both guys really cancelled each other out. Almost the entire round was standing cilnch and trying to trade knees and other strikes.
R2: 10-9 Pearson. More of the same but in the brief times they were separated Pearson threw and landed some nice kicks that made the difference. Almost too close to call again.
R3: Didn’t pay attention to this round. Too busy getting the Tibau-Guillard scores, which initially were not announced.

Chris Lytle beat Kevin Burns by unanimous decision, 3 29-28s. Good fight considering Burns kicked Lytle in the nuts/balls 3 TIMES.

TUF 9 Welterweight Finals:  James Wilks beat Damarques Johnson by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:54 of round 1.

Main Event: Diego Sanchez beat Clay Guida by split decision, 29-28 Guida, 29-27 Sanchez, 29-28 Sanchez. FIGHT. OF. THE. YEAR!
*-Ciesnolevicz missed weight, coming in at 208. He will be fined 20% of his fight purse tonight, that goes to Drwal.

Fantasy record: 4-6. (Correction, I originally thought it was 3-7) TUF Finales are always my worst events.
Usual post-event stuff tomorrow morning.

Next up: UFC 100 on July 11. Doubtful for live results, may be in NYC that day and won’t be home until an hour or two into the event.

The bonus of the night winners, each gets $25,000:
FOTN bonuses last night. Each gets $25,000:
Fight: Sanchez vs. Guida, Burns vs. Lytle, Diaz vs. Stevenson
It’s the first time ever there have been 3 FOTN bonuses in a single event.

Attendance: They claimed just over 1800 paid for a live gate of $500,000. Sellout.


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