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Confuseyus: The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale Quick Predictions (Updated)

Posted by representingpuroresu on 06/17/2009



As season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter wraps up this week, it’s time to get ready for the live Finale this Saturday night. The TUF 9 Lightweight and Welterweight Winners will be determined while the main event features an all-but-guaranteed Fight Of The Year candidate that will have potential title picture implications. Because the full card won’t be finalized until roughly Thursday I’ll only be able to do quick predictions for this one, won’t be enough time for detailed write-ups. (Note: This will be updated Thursday morning once the final matchup left to decide-the TUF 9 Welterweight Final-is set. That will be known after tonight’s [6/17] episode of TUF)
Updated 6/18 with final card.

Usual disclaimer: As always, these picks are strictly for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as the basis for any real-life betting/wagering. A “NC” in a fighter’s record indicates No Contest.

Main card airs live on Spike TV Saturday at 9 PM ET.

Prelim matches (these fights may not air on TV):
Cameron Dollar vs. Jason Dent
Records: Dollar 2-1, Dent 18-9
Prediction: Dent by 1st round submission/tapout.

Tomasz Drwal vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz
Records: Drwal 14-2, Ciesnolevicz 17-3, 1 NC
Prediction: Drwal by 2nd round KO/TKO

Kevin Burns vs. Chris Lytle
Records: Burns 7-2, Lytle 26-17-5
Prediction: Burns by 3rd round KO/TKO.

Brad Blackburn vs. Edgar Garcia
Records: Blackburn 13-9-1, Garcia 7-0
Prediction: Blackburn by 1st round KO/TKO.

Nick Osipczak vs. Frank Lester
Records: Osipczak 4-0, Lester 3-2
Prediction: Lester by 1st round KO/TKO.

Gleison (Graison) Tibau vs. Melvin Guillard
Records: Tibau 17-6, Guillard 21-7-2, 1 NC
Prediction: Tibau by 1st round submission/tapout.

TV fights (airing on Spike):
Joe Stevenson vs. Nate Diaz
Records: Stevenson 29-10, Diaz 10-3
Prediction: Diaz by unanimous/majority decision.

TUF 9 Lightweight Final: Andre Winner vs. Ross Pearson
Records: Winner 9-2-1, Pearson 8-3
Prediction: Winner by unanimous/majority decision.

TUF 9 Welterweight Final: Damarques Johnson vs.James Wilks
Records: Johnson 9-6, Wilks 5-2
Prediction: Johnson by 2nd round submission/tapout.

Main Event: Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida
Records: Sanchez 20-2, Guida 25-9
Prediction: Sanchez by split decision.

Live results & commentary coming Saturday night. Also, be sure to stay up after the Finale for a new UNCENSORED Joe Rogan standup comedy special after the Finale at midnight on Spike.


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